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What had happened to Kicker U?

It’s Punter U, I guess. I always have thought finding a good kicker is just luck. I don’t think you develop them. Clearly, Cole Hedlund was thought to be pretty good. He has not been good in games, just in practice.

could be the deciding factor this weekend

I only hope it will be that close.

Baker and JR Scott are the two best punters in the SEC, possibly in the country, and Baker is well rested (never punted against Alcorn). Baker’s gross and net punt averages are actually a little better than Scott’s, which surprises me a bit. Scott led the nation as a freshman IIRC.

Adam Griffith has been more productive than Hedlund overall, but he has his bad moments too (he missed the Kick Six field goal against Auburn three years ago). He’s 8 of 11 for the year and missed one under 40 yards last week, so he’s not exactly automatic either. And we have Dan Skipper on the block team. Hedlund’s only tried six, making four.

Griffith has 22 touchbacks in 37 kickoffs. Our guys have 8 in 30 (Limpert has 6 in 25). As usual in RRS, I think the wind will play a factor in that. They’re not much better on kickoff returns than we are, and the net kickoff numbers are only a yard or two apart (meaning opponents starting at roughly the same place after our kicks and Bama’s kicks).

Cornelius has showed signs of being a dangerous punt returner; he’s taken two to the house that were both called back. They’re very good on punt returns, so we’ll have to make sure we cover Baker’s long ones.

Yup, hopefully at least a close game. Last two qualify as close, but we didn’t break 100 yards rushing. Rushed for 165 in 2013 on the bad side of 52-0. Comes down to running the ball successfully and defending it.