Unseen help from Missouri vs Miss State

Currently its 4-2 Top of the 5th with Missouri leading Miss State.

A win here by Missouri would certainly let a little of the pressure off the race for the west division.

As much as I will need mouthwash after I say this… Go Tigers!!!

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I need that mouthwash, too. Go Tigers.

I just now started watching. Is this a case of Moo U playing down to its competition so far?

Can’t really say… I just tuned in as well when I caught it on ESPN3 Stream. I do see MSU with 3 errors so far and it looks like the Missouri pitcher through 5 is having a great night.

Its now top of the 6th… same score.

GO TIGERS!!! (damn think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit!!!)

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Man, right now these MO batters are just watching balls go by! That last pitch went right by his head!
I hope MO can hold on, but that pitcher for Moo U was mowing em down.

I thought we were gonna see an immaculate inning there… 6 pitches 6 strikes 2 outs… but the third guy made him work a bit. That kid MSU just brought in has some good stuff.

Still amazed we went down to their house and smoked them 3-0. Huge series sweep when you look at the division standing as far as tie breakers go. Didn’t realize it at the time.

You’re right! I just pray that we can maintain the lead and not have to worry about it.

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Well… Missouri managed to squeak by their usual 6th inning collapse. On to the 7th and still 4-2.

Go Tig^%$ … nope just can’t say it any more.

I might think it….but I’m not gonna say it!

That’s how you lose games to good teams. Give em extra outs and wild pitches.

Amazing steal of a game tie homerun… then turn around and make an error at 1st that would have ended the inning followed by a wild pitch to give a free run to MSU!! DAMN!!!

Pressure after the should have been inning ending error maybe too much for the Missouri Pitcher

Yeah, he’s gonna have to serve one up over the plate or load the bases. But he didn’t second walk in a row, bases loaded.

he is gonna have to get a ground out or fly out because he lost ability to throw a strike.

Well fun while it lasted. Walks will kill ya!
That missed third out was disastrous

well crap… looks like the 6th inning melt down was lost but finally found its way to the park in the 7th.

What a monster error at 1st base… the inning was over!!

That poor kid just couldn’t get the error out of his head. He was mad and not in a good place after that and it showed in every pitch he tried to throw!

Yep. Reminds me of a foul ball pop up behind first base and it falls between three players. That would have ended it all. Except It didn’t. After that gift the other team went on to win the game then the title.
Those missed third outs will come back to haunt you!

Mizzou sucks. We’ve gotta take care of our own business. Go Hogs!

Was there for that… I had mostly block it out but thanks so much for the walk down memory lane!!