This is a program changer. It probably deservedly knocks them out of the tournament without a win that isn’t expected.

It was just a complete no-show in defensive effort for most of the game, cemented with a lot of really dumb mistakes every time they got close.

Cook does a few good things and thinks he’s a shooter. We had about 5 offensive fouls on little unnecessary pushes by guys with the ball.

I lost count of how many times we just let people shoot 3s when we were in a position to close out.

Macon’s heart is huge and he made some shots but he also played an awful game defensively. Barford tried to will them to it but he sprinkled in some of his expected unforced TOs in crunch time.

Macon passed on closeouts 3-4 times on made 3s. Moses did, too.

I don’t care if the book is to let them shoot because they’re awful shooters and about 4 of them have absolute junk form on their shot. At some point you have to adapt and close out when they’re pulling shots out of their Eric Beisel (who I would gladly pop in the face right now and take my whuppin).

The game was there for the taking. Then, we played very little D and the the times they did MO hit shots they don’t hit. And, we just took it.

For as smart as Moses seems to be he did some really dumb stuff tonight. Just an awful effort all around. Down 2 late with a chance to pull down a board he has to get it or keep Puryear from putting back an easy shot.

I guess Goodman was right after all. MA will be on the hot seat and the question becomes whether the upcoming classes save him. That’s unfortunate because until tonight the opinion was unfounded and clearly primarily based on some odd, irrational axe he has to grind with MA.

And, I’ll add that MA had some real head-scratching moves. I understand why he stayed in the pressure because MO typically doesn’t handle it well and he expected it to take a toll on them and it probably did in the stretch when we went from -15 to -1.

But Beard got 3-4 fouls that gave them FTs far away from the basket. He should have gone full court man and made the worst P5 team in America coming off a 40-point loss 2 days ago make a play in crunch time with someone dogging them. I’m sure it would have been a foul but you have to do something different.

I hate it because nothing good will come out of this if they fire MA. He is a great man and a pretty good coach and they constant crap he has taken has been mostly personal and unfair and unnecessary and largely based on biases that none of his detractors would ever admit.

I’m talking about the people who say he has no offense when in truth it’s one of the better offenses in the country.

That said, you can’t really defend losing to the worst P5 team in America even if they hit a bunch of dog shots and continued the trend of us being Team Tribute Game.

I’m just numb. I think they are a lot better and the team and program is trending in the right direction and they have some talented kids that work hard and care. But, I am smart enough to know this has the potential of being an absolutely devastating loss.

It seems like a good time for me to bow out from this board. I say it not to be “look at me” dramatic or to draw out “stay” or “c-ya” posts, which will undoubtedly come. I am not asking for and don’t want posts, public or private, asking me to stay or leave. Please don’t.

It’s just a so-long from someone who has been on this board in some form for a generation.

For the constant MA haters, Congrats. Looks like you were right. I was wrong. There’s something you “keep it realers” have never done and will never do on this board–admit you were wrong.

I’m looking at the Razorwills and the Dilibes. People and posters like you bring nothing to the table. You are hypocrites. You say you are just keeping it real, but your schtick is low-rent, tired and essentially unskilled trolling.

Enjoy basking in the glow of your general internet tough guy-ness.

It appears you may get another shot at a coach to hate and nit-pick.

As for me, I’m mostly just sad. I’ve lived and died with this program for 30 years and I am tired. It isn’t fun.

For those of you long-time posters who make this board the best one around, keep up the good work.

It’s not about whether you are positive or negative but rather whether you are objective, bring something to the table, support your opinions with actual facts and have undying passion for the Hogs.

This board has more people like that than any other Hogs board and you are the lifeblood of the program.

Keep fighting the good fight. I have enjoyed our decades of reveling in wins and arguing about coaches (most forget I wanted Heath and Pro gone), and teams, but I’m out. My blood pressure can’t take this nonsense.

GHG. WPS. Etc and so on.

Hey man, there is plenty of room for all here. I didn’t appreciate feeling like in order to post you had to have a well researched and thought out opinion which is what you seem to constantly present. But, as fans, we get emotional and often irrational and need all types to enjoy a good message board. Take a week off and come back with a new optimism.

Hard to add anything to that, pretty much summed up the life of a Hog basketball fan for the last twenty years. Sad is the frame of mind… sad.

Good thoughts Notorious. Hope you’re not really gone man.

Some observations I seen…

  1. Like you said, Macon’s defense was horrible. Every highlight I watched it was his man nailing a 3 and he had the most lackadaisical close outs ever. He has too much skill on the defensive end to take plays off like that.

  2. Beard has got to learn to chill out in the press and just keep his hands up. Every time it seems like we were gaining momentum to make a comeback he goes for a double team and gets a foul. Does he not realize after the first time they call you for the foul for grabbing on the double team they will do it every time. All he has to do is keep his hands up and let the defender throw a bad pass over him.

  3. Moses Kingsley, he’s gotta play smarter and harder. 2 Rebounds is inexcusable. Then if you’re not going to rebound, don’t get silly technical fouls. He just played a horrible all around game, didn’t give us much of anything. I would have kept Thompson out there if I was CMA.

  4. What was up with CMA subbing Adrio Bailey in when we had momentum and Watkins was leading the charge? As soon as he subbed Watkins out for Bailey, Bailey committed a foul on their end of the court and sent them to the free throw line and all the momentum we had was gone. There was no reason to get Watkins out at that point, it was the end of the half, did he need rest for half-time?

It’s tough.
I remember watching the 94 national championship game in a TGI Fridays in Eatontown NJ when i was in the Army.
I’ve pretty much accepted that we wont win anything again. The game changed and left us behind.

Ahh well. Ill go mope around and wish we didn’t just roll over whenever their was a glimpse of hope.

Take care TNP, do something less stressful like walking high-lines across the Grand Canyon or something.


Stop watching them. Women’s figure skating season is on, they are more athletic and draw more people than Arkansas Basketball does.

Post less. I have made no comment whatsoever on tonight’s game or a on Anderson. I’ll take blame for tonight’s game. All on me. Last post I made on this team was I thought the Bama game was best of the year. Nor have I badmouthed or berated another poster for their opinion. Unlike you. A person that has to belittle another person to make themselves feel superior, well that is you. Reading the board I see you have not only done it to me but many others. Does no good to call it like you see it on those board. That is why no comment on this game. I thought they would win the game. Disappointed they didn’t. Such is life

Hard to say anything good! There’s always baseball.

Didn’t always agree with your posts but always read everyone of them and never had any doubt about where you stood when it came to the Razorbacks. But good or bad,win or lose, at then end of the day we are all part of the Razorback family and that I’m proud of,even today ! WPS


I too think the game passed us by years ago with the rule change against hand checks. I think we are dying by the Trapping defense NR and CMA love. CMA is stubbornly clinging to 40 minutes of Hell and the trapping defense. The physical hand checking we were allowed to do in the 90’s made trapping and pressing lethal. Hand checking has been killed by rule changes many years ago. The trapping defense is not as effective now unless you have super athletic speed and quickness for recovery. The trapping defense is NOT a good scheme against teams that have good guards…or guards that are better than ours. We don’t seem to change schemes to match our talent or our opposition’s. I had hoped that we were going to go to more man and zone (no traps) instead of so much reliance on trapping against good guards. We always leave someone open for an easy shot when we trap good guards.

Great point Treat. I agree totally. I know CMA is trying to create tempo with that type of defense. So far (6th year) it just hasn’t worked. Even CBB is changing the defense. If CMA doesn’t change soon, he could be gone after next year. :frowning:

You really need to take a deep breath after a loss and not post anything till the next day…you gonna really look even sillier if they win 23 and make the Dance, which is still very possible.

We cannot explain why things are happening. We can only watch + decide what we believe about what we saw.

I’ve said plenty about what I see. At this point, I feel better letting everyone else debate. It’s not fun watching Razorback basketball, even in most games we win.

I can’t remember the last time Arkansas lost to an opponent as bad as Missouri is.

What’s upsetting is that he doesn’t have to make some drastic change like are doing in Football from a 4-3 to 3-4 scheme. The BB hogs already have Zone, Man and trapping versions. All CMA needs to do is call less trapping defenses against teams with good to great guards. I think we should still use the trapping defenses for short durations to throw off the other team with defensive switches.

This made me think of the different times I have listened to the hogs or watched the hogs
I spent over 20 years in the Army ! My unit was headed into Iraq and I had Armed Forces Network tunes in listening to the hogs! I was as concerned with the hogs winning as anything. Several years later my wife was having a C section and I was watching the hogs. During the CSection the Dr and I talked about the game and I would step out and check the score. The hogs won both of those games.
We have seen the Highes and lows of our basketball team but we still watch listen and love our HOGS.
My oldest daughter is 31 and she could call the hogs before she could walk. She now has season tickets for football and basketball. Proud father and hog fan!

Is there a hot seat now?

Goldsurfer FTW. 23 wins and dancing.

Comments: Good, see ya wouldn’t want to be ya.