I don’t believe any Arkansas team has ever hung 42 on a top 15 SEC foe two plays into third quarter. They put 35 on a bad Kentucky team that was shut down because of weather.

I’ve never seen anything like what they did to Ole Miss on Saturday.


Me either. The hogs could have put up a lot more points and I wish they would have. It would have been nice to see all gas no brakes at least up through the end of the 3 rd quarter.


You could have done that and let OM take a few shots at KJ. Not smart. Coaches know better. It is not video games.


When clicking our offense can be outstanding. Clearly the best “half” all season.

Hogs are good at setting precedents

I’ve never seen anything like that either. Closest thing was when #1 Texas came to town and we were up something like 42-3 and won 42-11 (not sure I have the score exactly right, but you get the idea). Or when we opened the new basketball arena and beat a very good Missouri team by 40 points. In all three cases the stars were all aligned and practically everything went right.

Btw, speaking of unprecedented, just saw that Beamer’s South Carolina teams have twice been 20 point underdogs and won by 20+ points.

They weren’t ranked IIRC, but in 1978 Texas Tech came to RRS for the last regular season game with a pretty good team (7-3 record, had just beaten SWC champ Houston) and we were up 42-0 at halftime. Hog basketball opened that night at Barnhill against OU (the only football-basketball doubleheader I can ever remember). I saw Eddie Sutton in the press box at halftime and told him they’d be doing well to have 42 points at halftime. They didn’t; it was 32-29 at half. That half was just one of those things where everything went right. Final was 49-7.

I recall the 10-10 tie versus UCLA - the most disappointing outcome I ever saw; I thought we’d kill them.

Those examples are not the SEC. The beat down of Texas was great but beating Ole Miss or another comparable SEC foe is better.

Love SEC wins, but guess I’m old school, nothing beats beating Texas. Plus in the SEC we really don’t have one undisputed top rivalry like we did with Texas in the SWC. Or a rivalry whose outcomes determined National Championships.

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I’ll take beating OlaMs over beating Texas, unless rankings or bowling factors make a significant difference. If, perish the thought, we were ever 1-11 in a regular season, if the win was over OlaMs I would give feel the season was about a C- to D+. I have more respect for Texas than OlaMs.

Yep that was the next game. UCLA was a good team; they were ranked top 10. The disappointing game with UCLA was the one in Dallas where their defense just destroyed us.

Clay what was that score against BAMA , during HDN’s first year ? That’s as close as I can ever remember….

Now we been on some receiving end of a few beat downs….


IIRC, they were ranked 22nd at the time.

Sep 05, 1998 SOUTHWESTERN LA. W 38-17 1-0 0-0 2:50 47562
Sep 19, 1998 SOUTHERN METHODIST W 44-17 2-0 0-0 3:17 55544
*Sep 26, 1998 ALABAMA W 42-6 3-0 1-0 3:04 51763

  • Oct 03, 1998 KENTUCKY W 27-20 4-0 2-0 3:23 55782
    Oct 10, 1998 at Memphis W 23-9 5-0 2-0 3:38 42766
  • Oct 17, 1998 at South Carolina W 41-28 6-0 3-0 2:59 67930
  • Oct 31, 1998 at Auburn W 24-21 7-0 4-0 2:55 78649
  • Nov 07, 1998 OLE MISS W 34-0 8-0 5-0 3:02 49115
  • Nov 14, 1998 at Tennessee L 24-28 8-1 5-1 3:26 106365
  • Nov 21, 1998 at Mississippi State L 21-22 8-2 5-2 3:09 36656
  • Nov 27, 1998 LSU W 41-14 9-2 6-2 3:06 55831
    Jan 01, 1999 vs Michigan L 31-45 9-3 6-2 3:49 63584