Unpleasant resumption

I felt good going into this morning then, bam, UT has a 3 run second. Need to get our bats going. It’s 3-1 UT in T4. Maybe Blaine has settled down after his bad start this morning. We can’t afford to lose this game.

It’s tied for now. Need to get our bats really warm. We need this game to keep pace. Maybe the only game we get.

After taking a 4-3 lead, we’ve now given up 2 runs in B6 with runners at the corners with only 1 out. Weak infield hit to SS not only prevented a DP, but allowed them to load the bases. Then Spanberger missed a ground ball for them to score 2. Now trail 4-5. The announcers are saying this game is now official, so we don’t even know for sure if we’ll get many more bats. Got to win this.

WPS! Only lose by 1. (Pardon the sarcasm. I’m in a bad mood.)