Unofficial stats from Thursday's scrimmage, 2/9

Gray Team 3

Diggs 2-4, 1R
Stovall 2-4, 1R
McLaughlin 1-3
Slavens 1-2, 1RBI
Bohrofen, 1-3, 1R, 1RBI
Robinett 1-3
Neville 0-3
Polk 0-2, 1BB
Bolton 0-3
Webb 0-3

Smith 4.1 IP, 2R (1ER), 2H, 2BB, 6K
Foutch (L) 0.2 IP, 2R, 1H, 1BB, 1HBP, 2K
Faherty 0.0 IP, 3R, 3BB
Huskey 1.0 IP, 1R, 2H, 2BB, 1K
Wood 1.0 IP, 2R, 1H, 2BB, 3K

Home Runs: Bohrofen
Doubles: Stovall
Stolen Bases: Robinett 0-1
Errors: Polk

Red Team 10

Josenberger 1-4, HBP, 2R, 2RBI
Coll 1-2, 2BB, 1R, 1RBI
Cali 0-4
Wegner 0-2, 2BB, 2R
Jones 0-3, 1BB, 1R
Grimes 1-2, 2BB, 2R, 1RBI
Holt 1-3, 1BB, 2R, 2RBI
Rowland 1-3, 1BB, 2RBI
Kilgore 1-3, 1BB, 2RBI

Bybee 3.0 IP, 3R (2ER), 4H, 1BB
Fitzpatrick (W) 1.0 IP, 1K
Frank 3.0 IP, 1H, 2K

Home Runs: Coll, Josenberger
Doubles: Rowland
Stolen Bases: Wegner 2-2, Coll 1-1
Errors: Josenberger, Coll

Here were today’s starting lineups:

LF Diggs
2B Stovall
DH McLaughlin
1B Slavens
RF Bohrofen
3B Robinett
CF Neville
C Polk
SS Bolton
DH Webb

CF Josenberger
SS Coll
3B Cali
LF Wegner
1B Jones
RF Grimes
2B Holt
C Rowland
DH Kilgore


• Hagen Smith looked very good today. He gave up a home run on a first-pitch fastball to Harold Coll in the second at-bat, but no other earned runs were scored. An unearned run followed a throwing error by catcher Hudson Polk in the fourth inning. Smith has added a cutter to his arsenal that Tavian Josenberger said afterward was very effective.

• The lineups were more balanced today, whereas the first two weeks have been stacked starters vs. backups. Cal Kilgore played in his first scrimmage and got a two-run single, but was called out on the bases when he crossed Parker Rowland at first base. Rowland was partially at fault, I think, because he did not go far enough toward second while waiting to see if the ball would be caught on the run by an outfielder, but Kilgore didn’t have his head up and wasn’t listening well to first base coach Bobby Wernes who was shouting, “Stop Cal!”

• Jace Bohrofen, Coll and Josenberger all had home runs. Josenberger’s came one pitch after he was hit by a pitch from Christian Foutch. Kilgore was sent to run in place of Josenberger, and Josenberger smoked the first-pitch fastball off the video scoreboard.

• Koty Frank looked very good in an extended outing. He was so quick and effective that the seventh inning was extended by four batters after it had ended to get him some more pitches. John Bolton reached on an error by Josenberger before Isaac Webb grounded out. Kendall Diggs followed with a single that would have scored Bolton, but he was off the bases by that point. Stovall singled against Frank on the final pitch of the scrimmage. I did not count the extra 4 ABs against Frank in his stats above, but I did credit the hits to Diggs and Stovall.

• Hunter Grimes made the play of the day with a leaping catch at the right-field wall to rob Hudson Polk of a home run in the fourth inning. Stovall and Peyton Holt also made great defensive plays at second base, and Caleb Cali had two good throws on the run from third base.

• Jake Faherty struggled badly with three walks in 16 pitches before he was pulled.

• Gage Wood showed dominant stuff, but also walked back-to-back batters who scored on Parker Rowland’s two-out double.

• Sean Fitzpatrick is an interesting pitcher who was effective today. He is scrawny and throws from a side-armed position from the left side.

• Ben Bybee looked effective in his three-inning start with a lot of outs on contact. He gave up Bohrofen’s home run and allowed two more in his final inning, one of which was unearned following a fielding error by Coll at shortstop. Brady Slavens had a sacrifice fly with Stovall at third base.

• Reese Robinett was caught stealing when Polk did not swing at a curveball on a hit-and-run call.

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