Unofficial 3-deep depth chart

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This is pretty much the way I saw it, too. Good work by Jimmy.

I would probably add quarterbacks. I will say that the bottom group of quarterbacks is better than I suspected. Daulton Hyatt is talented, but a long ways away in figuring things out. The one who surprised me all spring was Jack Lindsey. Not counting Austin Allen, He understands the dump down concept better than any of the others, except maybe Ty Storey. That’s the one thing Cole Kelley just doesn’t get. He forces way too many passes when all that’s needed is just a simple dump down.

I might have listed Armon Watts at the DE opposite McTelvin Agim instead of behind him. I think T.J. Smith and Watts are basically co-starters on that side. It’s easy to flip them. Watts did play on Agim’s side on Saturday, but I’ve seen him on the other side, too.

I’m like Jimmy, I wouldn’t know how to list all of the other folks getting reps at wide receiver. To keep that list small might be correct and Cornelius and Stewart seem to be the starters to me, too.

Seems absolutely impractical to expect Cornelius and Stewart to start, at least not for long. They need at least one big body out there for blocking purposes. Stewart won’t be a big body, ever. Cornelius is strong enough but not imposing by any means.

Cole Kelley’s development reminds me of Ryan Mallett, though I don’t know enough about Cole’s personality to compare it to Ryan’s sometimes immature episodes. We did not see Ryan when he was going through that first year of college ball, but the big guy who loves his big arm stuff seems very familiar. If he and the staff can just stay patient, good things can happen down the road.

Jack had a really, really good spring. I was talking about how impressive he’s been with his parents after their second scrimmage and then Bret mentioned him Saturday.

He’s very poised. He played for Springdale his senior year of high school and had a fantastic year while absolutely taking a beating. Springdale had one of the worst offensive lines I’ve seen from a large school. One starter was a 5-4, 200-pound sophomore. Another was a 5-7, 160-pound sophomore. He was constantly running for his life. He got knocked silly against Northside, but stayed in the game and had them in a position to potentially win going into the 4th quarter. His composure and ability to think in some really adverse circumstances always impressed me.

He’s put on a lot of weight since he got on campus. He has the frame to do so. His arm has really gotten stronger as he’s grown into his frame. He was the fourth-best QB this spring, in my mind.

Daulton does have a long way to go, but you can see the potential. Dan really likes him.

I wouldn’t necessarily read a ton into that. When Jared was out there and they lined up with 2 WRs, it was mostly him and Stewart. But that doesn’t mean it will always be that way, especially as others get more comfortable in the system.

Obviously Cornelius is the clear-cut top option, but Stewart, Martin and Pettway are probably all going to be on the field a ton this fall. Maybe someone really emerges and demands more reps with their play. Martin could do that. Jordan Jones could, too.

My take based on reading all of you guys and watching is this. Kelley is probably the most gifted of all of them. AA is the man with it all. Storey is winning the 2 position because of experience, but everybody wants it to be Kelley, and he just isn’t getting it done.

Yeah, I think they would like Cole to step up and win it, but he still makes a decent amount of mistakes and takes risks. You’d think he improves on that as he matures, but can he do it enough to win the job in August?