UNLV stuns San Diego ST

UNLV was only 14 -14 just goes to show you that even though you’re playing at home you can’t take things for granted.San Diego state’s a very good team,good enough to beat the Utah team that beat Kentucky by 30 and good enough to beat the Creighton team that beat top-seed in the big east Seton Hall by 30… they are solid all the way around but obviously didn’t play very well today. There are no more unbeaten teams.

Hard to keep focused in the Twitter age. Kids always hearing how great they are.

No doubt!

I watched the last 10 minutes and San Diego State dint impress me at all!

Didn’t play well today army but like I said in my post they beat the Utah team that beat Kentucky by 30 points. They also beat Creighton who beat the top team in the Big East which is Seton Hall by 30 points…they did not look anywhere like the same team that I saw play earlier this year… they may not win it all but they are a very solid team.

Put them in the SEC or Big 10! What would their record be. That’s my thought when I watched them play.
I just didn’t think by watching them that they were a top 25 team.

they played tonight like we played against Tenn…they would have lost a few if they played tougher competition but would compete very well in both conferences b/c have everything you need, they play very good defense,awesome PG, big active C who played terrible tonight and they shoot 38% from the 3 but were only 6/25 tonight so they were just off like we were against Tenn but they beat Utah by 30 right after they beat Kent. very solid team but we will see how they do.

this years NCAA tournament is looking to be a wide open affair. brackets going to be hard to fill out this year.

Hard as ---- to go undefeated, best thing for 'em really going into the tourneys.

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