UNLV @ San Diego State

There’s has probably never been a more obvious attempt made to make sure a team wins than this one! With an 11 point lead by UNLV the ref’s took over with just under 4 minutes left.
San Diego ran the FB and charged with UNLV outside the restive red circle over and over. The push off with off arm was called blocking as well!
San Diego sure don’t pass the eye test to be a top 25 team period. They play in a terrible conference! How the heck does the NET really work! The top 25 is a joke!
UNlV 66
San Diego St 63.
This was really a team projected as a 1 seed for the dance! Boy of boy!

It would be hard for them not to be a 1 seed at this point. They’d have to lose at least twice more.

That’s a joke too!

SDSU has been #1 in NET (which has no human bias in it whatsoever) for a while. They might not be #1 tomorrow but they won’t drop past #2 probably since Baylor lost.

The computers and the system sure don’t pass the eye ball test!

You’re probably right. We don’t get CBSSN on DirecTV so I didn’t get to watch them tonight or any other time; I was following the play by play on ESPN.com. But they have beaten some good teams along the way (BYU, Creighton and Iowa) and you don’t win 26 in a row by a fluke.

Speaking of BYU, they’re leading Gonzaga in the first half. Might not be a very good day in Zag land…

Put San Diego ST and Gonzaga in any power 5 conference and they wouldn’t have those impressive records. They won’t make in past the first weekend. Neither one of them.

I have Direct TV and it was on mine. My internet signal isn’t good enough to go to the netflex stuff.

I got it on my DirecTV, but it might have been because I had the sports package addition. I do get it on YouTube TV.

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