UNLV at Arkansas game 2

It’s 60 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium.
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Jones might be the NCAA’s biggest 2nd baseman. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Wow I’m shocked to see Jones at second base… I don’t ever remember hearing about him playing there in any of the scrimmages

I like his swing, though, especially lately. Reminds me of A-Rod a bit at the plate. Anyway, pretty salty for the 8 hole.

He has a violent swing and when he connects it’s going to go.I liked his patience yesterday.

What’s up w Stovall? Yeah, they said yesterday a rest, but two in a row?

I’m not really sure Dave said we had several of them dealing with injuries of different types definitely wouldn’t think he would take two days in a row off with SEC play starting Friday…Hard just to walk out there and pick up where you left off and he was hitting the ball well when he last played

Bybee better get the ball down or there’s going to be some balls leaving the yard… way too many in the middle of the plate

That’s how you jump on the first pitch fastball down the middle

Love the way Brady is going the other way I was so hoping he would be doing that this year and he most certainly has

After 1

Much better inning…

After 2

Nice DP!

It would be nice to see those line dives but away from the outfielders. Maybe they will
Jones did a good job on the double play but I would like to see the throwing hand o. The ball inside the glove.

After 3

Wow Rowland has absolutely no arm… ball had no zip on it at all

Nope. It was weak.

Okay guys time to start hitting. You know he’s going to throw a lot of breaking balls so get up there and be ready for it

That’s how you go up there ready to hit the ball right there and he hit it to the right part of the park to go out today anywhere from there down the lines about the only place