UNLV at Arkansas game 1

It’s 54 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium.
. :boar::baseball: #WPS #ThisIsBaseball

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Well, that’s a new lineup :wink:

Not able to listen, any explanation for the changes?

Softball is at Wichita State tonight trying to recover from the series loss to ATM. Hedgecock with an RBI double, top 1st.

Brett said he’s just trying to get some bench people into the midweek games like Robinett and Neville.

Then Wichita hit a three run bomb in the bottom of the first. 3-1 Cheatshockers. Still batting, no outs.

After 1

Two-run bomb. Wichita up 5-1. Callie Turner pulled without retiring a single batter.

After 2

Well by the time the Hogs get used to this slow curve and 85 mph fastball they will change pitchers. The young lefty looks pretty good at times he just needs to trust his stuff and not try to get to cute.

Softball was 8-1 before we got out of the first inning. And baseball isn’t going much better.

It may be time to get genuinely concerned about softball

Not yet. . The ladies will get it going.

Looks like he’s got the B team in there hopefully we can pull it out

After 3

The B team needs to play better defense and Polk
Has shown once again the past ball is his downfall.
His base running leave a sour taste I. My mouth as well. We don’t have the solid back stop this season.

You can see why some of these folks aren’t starting

Yes you can. But with reps they are all
Pretty salty.
Our hogs have woke up and scored 3 runs here with 3 hits with 2 outs! Chased another pitcher too.

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Unfortunately, most will transfer at the end of the season

This strike zone is all over the place