Unlimited transfers unlikely to pass

By the NCAA Division I Council.

Apocalypse averted, at least for now. They might pass the transfer window proposal, or they might not; adding the transfer window without free transfers is just asking for lawsuits.

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Doesn’t matter what the NCAA does or doesn’t do. If people smell money, they’ll sue. If I were running the NCAA , I would give the athletes,fans, commentators, and coaches the unlimited transfer. Give them everything they want. And everything that goes with it. When they come back whining about it, ignore them.

Yes, if people smell money they’ll sue. The difference here is that the Supreme Court came darn close to declaring college athletes as employees in the Alston case, hinted strongly at it in the Kavanaugh concurring opinion, and next time may finish the job. The NCAA does not want to cause that to happen by passing a rule that you can easily predict will be challenged in court.

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