Unlikely for anything to happen here but


The Hogs weren’t one of his finalists before picking Miss. St. Saw him play a couple of times in Vegas. Big, wide body.

Can he transfer to another SEC school?

Will have to look again, but I thought I saw where it read unconditional release.

Could be the player to be named later in the Dansberry deal. They owe us a transfer waiver.

Now that’s a good one.

Somewhat unrelated but Gafford had his way with Brooks when they faced off in the Hotbed Classic

Domination. Gafford is a stud and he is just scratching the surface.


Multiple sites show both these kids to be 6-9 or 6-10.

Gafford is either 7-2 or Brooks is 6-9/6-10 like Corliss was 6-7.

24/7 has both at 6’9. LOL doesn’t take a scientific rocket to see they ain’t the same height.

Gafford with shoes on is a legit 6’11 and maybe 7’. So Brooks is probably closer to 6’8

They measured Daniel with a tape measure on Saturday.

Result 6-11 - and yes, in shoes

So, he’s about 6’10". :o