University of Phoenix Razorbacks

What in the world? Is the UA a non-profit, land-grant state university or is it a private, for-profit company? And if trending to the latter, who’s really lining his or her pockets with these deals and acquisitions the UA is lending its name to, if not doing more? Just seems very odd. University of Phoenix? 79,000 students? $500 to $700 million acquisition cost?

UPhoenix would transition to nonprofit, according to the story. Other than that I can’t tell much. But it would certainly be making a big splash in the world of online higher education.

really nice brick and mortar building near Nashville airport which I think is pretty common for U of PHoenix.

I guess I don’t have much of a problem with it, as long as someone else is paying for it and we run it.

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Well, this should stir up some entrepreneurial interest down the Cowboy way…why couldn’t old Jerry have Warren Stephens establish a parallel nonprofit and acquire the Razorbacks…sound silly but this reported deal is pretty much the same. ’

Nothing better than a contrived package seemingly without risk to attract someone’s mattress cash for an easy return, and since the beginning of capitalism there is nothing more attractive than the illusion of safety found in public-private partnerships.

Poor Bobbitt might better add an “a” and become “Babbitt” to better illustrate his naivety. Not even Stephens could find enough “hedges” to cover the risks in selling the stock on this one. The recent congressional hearings related to federally guaranteed student loans and the creative scams contrived should be a fair warning this is nothing more than a financial scheme to rework the Phoenix assets and debt allowing someone to walk away with a huge windfall of cash and it is certainly not the UA. Once again the Stephens family is revealed to be at the public trough dipping in the profits of “enabling” in the name of “progress.”

Sanders is likely redfaced from holding her breath until she can replace Gibson. Nothing becomes so docile as a herd of cows without an old bull to cause a stir and sometimes, a veer or two from the owner’s proscribed path.

Heck, Sanders might turn the entire public education system over to TESI.

I have not looked into it more since my original post. But it seems shady. Why is the UA doing this?

The best summary of motivation might be to increase the system’s online education delivery capability. The actual “why” this more modest educationally related mission evolved into this expansive business venture can only be speculated though it might be helpful to know the identity of the single board member involved. Hopefully, additional information demonstrates this exploration is not fraught with possible conflicts of interest, present or future. Half a billion or more can easily blind individual(s) to otherwise avoidable ethical pitfalls.

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