University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

If this is an old topic, excuse me. I have been out of touch several weeks with an illness. The last few days I keep reading in the Democrat-Gazette sports the Razorbacks constantly referred to as “University of Arkansas, Fayetteville”. Actually, to a point of redundancy. Does someone on the sports staff have an agenda?

What have I missed?

Not a decision by anyone on the sports staff, or sports editors at any paper in the company. It’s a decision by upper management because UALR insisted on being called Little Rock, not their name. Hence, one school will be UA-Fayetteville (not a good idea, in my opinion) and one will be UA-Little Rock. Both will be spelled out high in the story. That UAF reference won’t be at Hawgs Illustrated or any of my stories. It’s all trivial in my opinion. I have not lost any sleep over any of it.

And, yes there are several threads on this that are about two weeks old.

For more info, look up posts entitled UA@F = UALR (in Hawg Lounge) or It’s getting curiouser and curiouser (in Football Insider Board)…

I have two degrees from private universities located in the state of Texas; born in Arkansas and lived in the state of Texas since I was 10 years old. Therefore, don’t have strong ties or loyalties to the UofA but have loved the football Razorbacks all my life.

Never attended the University of Arkansas for even one class, but the UofA, Fayetteville thing rattles my cage every time I read it.

Yea, it pisses me off every time I see this also. The Demozette is just out of touch with the readership. If you don’t know where the University of Arkansas is…then you are probably too dumb to read the paper anyway. It is just somebody’s way to disparage the U of A and its students and former students. The policy needs to be stopped or they are going to lose additional subscribers.

It would be nice if Wee Witless Wally spent the company’s resources on proofreading the actual articles they publish, instead of worrying about changing ages-old tradition. To wit, in the Nate Allen article, we get this as the first two paragraphs:

      "FAYETTEVILLE -- Coaching staffs of every other University of Arkansas, Fayetteville sport would do anything but kill to finish a season ranked No. 5 in the country.

       None of them coach indoor track and field."

Even an untalented hack (think no talent, no original ideas and a well earned Napoleon complex) should know that the word Fayetteville should either have a trailing comma or no commas. That is compounded in the second “mini paragraph” by ignoring that “none” is singular so the verb should be “coaches.”

But, under the aforementioned WWW, such things are subordinate to the silliness of changing a school’s name

I’m not sure how many times it takes for people to tell you or anyone else, but this wasn’t Wally’s call

Probably about 10,000 more, especially since I did not accuse him of initiating the silliness. But, then, again, he is the sports editor, is he not? So, why give him a pass on the poor proofreading that goes on in his area of responsibility? Sorry to get you all upset by calling WWW out as a creep, but he deserves it, if not for the name game, then for other things.

I’ve sent emails, one to the suggested email to be forwarded on to the appropriate person and another under this sites contact email address. To date, neither email has received a response from whomever is the responsible person.
So the questions are:

  1. Is the person responsible for this decision a coward and not willing to discuss this directly with subscribers?
  2. Who are the owners of this site? Who is the “buck stops here” person.
  3. Is Trump correct about this media group being the enemy of the people?

I will say again, it’s not a sports department decision.

Pretty simple fix. Those in NWA that have advertised with the paper just need to pull their money and not spend one red cent with them. Money talks.

Did not attend the UA either but everytime I read the UAF crap I feel like I’m being tweaked by some bitter, sniveling, perpetually jealous ASU fan.

Pretty easy to get any news I want on the “internets” these days FOR FREE. My first reaction to the cute “UAF” stuff was to cancel my ADG subscription, which I haven’t done yet, but I would imagine the “tweaks” will add up soon enough to tip the scales toward the free news option. No wonder these dinosaurs are dying off. Sheesh.

ADG proves to be more loyal to UALR!
No other comment required!

My apologies for #3 as an attempt at humor. I thank you for the information as it was helpful. “Boo” says he puts readers first, we shall see.

No problem. I understood the attempt at humor. My answer could have crossed the line into politics, so I refrained. Forty to 50 years ago, the Gazette, with Clay’s dad as the sports editor, was understood to be the Razorback paper, so the Democrat positioned itself as the disloyal opposition. Old habits die hard, I guess.

The newspaper has two beat writers (Bob and Tom) dedicated to Arkansas. My column runs three times a week. Dudley’s and Clay’s column appears in the NWA edition. Nate Allen’s column also runs in the paper.

Then you have that has nine reporters contributing to the site. You also have guests columns by Nate Olson and Bo Mattingly that appear from time-to-time. I would doubt there’s a site in the nation that’s focused more on one college program than this site.

Understand, Richard. Not taking a shot at WHS, or any of the people you listed. Some of the people in Little Rock… not so much.

Those powers could lessen coverage if they truly had an agenda.

This is true. But that would also chase away readers, although I’m not sure where they would go; there really is no other option. You kinda have to understand where I’m coming from, Richard. Boo Hussman, in cahoots with the Gannetoids, threw me and about 500 other people out of work on the afternoon of October 18, 1991. There were armed guards present as we cleaned out our desks, like we were going to steal the computers or something. Gannett gave up even though we had the superior product on a daily basis and a huge circulation advantage, and Boo just kicked us to the curb. I don’t forget, and frankly, I don’t forgive.