University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Noticed in three of four columns today (two were Jimmy’s and one was Nate’s), the subject phrase isn’t used, although there was an opportunity in each. Bob’s column had it in there. Maybe the editors are slipping or maybe they are on vacation. Or maybe I just missed it. Not really that interesting of an observation to me because I’m indifferent to it but it has been a bit of a sore spot for some.

It’s the most absurd policy I’ve ever seen. It just makes no sense & only serves to offend. I’ve heard the weak arguements the ADG makes defending it & all those do is insult our intelligence. I haven’t read today’s paper, but when the “, Fayetteville” is always attached to the UA, but no such similar postfix is added to any other state’s main university, it’s a sure sign the goal has nothing to do with “avoiding confusion.”

My wife is the only reason I keep a subscription. She thinks she needs to read the obituaries in case someone dies she won’t otherwise hear about. I think I’m about to win that argument.

I would love it if the idiot that has forced this issue to start listing the western division of the SEC conference as:

The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Miss State
Texas A&M

Agree completely. I have been on automatic annual renewal with Hawgs Illustrated since the late 90’s. I cancelled the “automatic” portion of my renewal over a month ago since now the money we pay is going to the Demo Gazette. My annual payment is due 8/5 and I’ve told them I’m not renewing if the “UA, Fayetteville” crap is continuing. I guess I’m “cutting my nose off to spite my face” since I will miss Clay and Dudley’s articles which have never had “UA, Fayetteville” in any of their articles. I just cannot bring myself to support, with money, the company that is taking pot-shots at the Razorbacks in virtually every article in the sports section of their paper and on-line through this site.

It’s just sour grapes by the owner. That’s all it is. It makes them look bitter and foolish. The news paper is dying. I kinda blame everyone because I don’t work for someone that does something I don’t believe in. I don’t think any of these people at hog sports need the ADG. Only Wally. I wish you all would start your own paper and website.

either explain what’s up with “, Fayetteville” tag, or post a link to the explanation?

Wally Hall said it’s to keep people in other countries who now read the ADG on line from being confused about which campus the article is referring to. (I didn’t make that up. It’s really what he said. Unfortunately, I cannot link it because I don’t remember exactly when he said it. Probably 3-4 months ago. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong about what he said.)

I get your points and understand but I refuse to keep getting mad about it. That’s the only reason for the policy–to make us mad–so I’m not giving them the satisfaction.

I never include it in anything I write. If it is in something with my byline, it is an article which passed through the LR desk.


I understand that they want to make us mad. My question is why? In what business school do they teach that intentionally whizzing off the customers is a good way to increase your bottom line?

No idea. I just know I, personally, am not going to give them the satisfaction.

If I decide to cancel my subscription to the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Fayetteville, it will not be because of the stupid, unbalanced school identifier policy. It will be because my paper is continually wadded up in a yellow wrapper and thrown into my flowers. I’m sure that it is hard to find delivery people, but you really should train them. Also, I can kill my flowers on my own, thank you.


If it appears in any of my stories, it won’t be because I put it there.

Of course, I still refer to the women’s teams as the Lady Razorbacks.

Is that not who they are?

What have you cancelled as a result of being ticked off?

Doesn’t make sense to cancel until your subscription expires. No refund on unused subscription. I have already called and taken my account off automatic renewal. I let the young lady know if the policy changes, or if the offending articles are clearly indicated so I don’t needlessly click on them, I will revert to automatic renewal. I’m not holding my breath, as my renewal date approaches, i’ll look for alternatives.

Lady Razorbacks has always been my preference. GHG!