University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

If this is an old topic, excuse me. I have been out of touch several weeks with an illness. The last few days I keep reading in the Democrat-Gazette sports the Razorbacks constantly referred to as “University of Arkansas, Fayetteville”. Actually, to a point of redundancy. Does someone on the sports staff have an agenda?

What have I missed?

Go to page 3 or 4 its been going for weeks, also names and emails of who to send your dislikes to

It’s been discussed several times, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not very annoying. It’s awkward writing & it has an “in your face” ring to it. I understand the ADG employees here say there’s no agenda, but I’m very suspicious. UALR doesn’t like their “LR” designation following the “UA,” the ADG won’t call them just “Little Rock” as they requested, so now I’m betting they screamed about the UA not getting the “comma Fayetteville” after our name.

You’re not the only one who has noticed it, but the ADG has the advantage of being the only statewide daily paper, so don’t expect it to respond to its readers. It’s a monopoly & will behave like one. My wife thinks she wants to keep it because she’s afraid she’ll miss an obituary. I’m inclined to drop our subscription, regardless. The monthly rate has gone way up. This “UA,F” just adds to my irritation. My wife is coming around on the decision to drop it.

When the signage changes, website, etc… to Little Rock then they’ll be referred to Little Rock. Again, no agenda.

The official name of the school is UALR (or those are the initials of the official name.). They’re not going to change signs to simply say “Little Rock.” They wanted to be called “Little Rock” for sports purposes. I see no reason not to honor that request. Signs coming into the campus at Fayetteville say simply, “University of Arkansas.” I can’t prove there’s an agenda, but I"m still very suspicious that there is. This is a change in the paper’s style. A change that took 46 years, I still smell “agenda” or at least a willingness to reduce THE UA to something less than it is.

Totally disagree. The DemGaz acknowledges the flagship university in every state EXCEPT Arkansas. Every article has Fayetteville for a dateline, mentions the SEC, says the Razorbacks, and THEN awkwardly shoves into the article “The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.” They don’t do that for Arkansas State and there are several other campuses in Arkansas that share that name. They don’t add a city to the University of Alabama, University of Texas, etc. or any other flagship university in other states when mentioned in their articles. That is disrespectful, it is an agenda, and it should cost the DemGaz a lot of subscribers. JMVVVVVHO.