"University of Arkansas,Fayetteville, Razorbacks"

What is this about, has Political Correctness come headlong into the Hog Nation. I think that anyone on Wholehogsports has a pretty good feel for the Geography of Arkansas. Sorry, I feel much better now.

Why this is being done by the Demozette is a mystery to me. They don’t use ASU, Jonesboro or the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. It must be an irate ASU alum who seeks revenge on Razorback Nation. At least that makes sense.
Nothing else about this dim-witted practice of using this term makes any sense.

Is there anything that can be done to make them stop? I would threaten to discontinue my membership on this site, but living out of state, it is my only source. Besides, I really like Clay, Duds, Matt, and now really happy with what Richard brings since the switch. I know it is not their fault.

It’s a sore subject for most of us. They’ve been doing it for several weeks now & there are several threads that address it. However, we’re mere readers & subscribers. We do not count when it comes to things as important as cutting the UA down to size with petty insults.

The writers have all said the decision to enforce this policy came down from way up the food chain at the DemGaz. Supposedly, it was an editorial policy from the past that had been ignored for years that they decided to reinstate. Based on the fact that they only do this for the University of Arkansas System, not the Arkansas State University System, and none of the other state’s flagship institutions they mention in the same articles (in the same sentence they will list The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville competed against the University of Alabama, University of Florida, University of Mississippi, etc.) The only thing discussed so far that makes some twisted sense is UALR wants to be called Little Rock, the paper won’t play along, so someone complained that they use an incorrect name when they say the University of Arkansas without adding the location, so they are doing this for UA-Fayetteville, UA-Little Rock, UA-Pine Bluff, UA-Monticello, etc. The end result is that it appears to make all satellite campuses equal to the flagship campus which may be their ulterior motive. That makes most of us The University of Arkansas fans irritated and I think someone at that paper likes it.

I have learned that I can live without most anything, including this board.
I am just irritated enough with the morons in charge of this fiasco to bid farewell. I have other things that can fill this space in my life.

Sad state of affairs to potentially harm the brand of the flagship university and a key identifier for the state.

It’s probably someone at the paper that is still butt hurt that they had to name the paper Democrat - Gazette, instead of just Democrat, :smiley:

Maybe they heard you. RD has an article out today on Archie that has 4 mentions of Arkansas with no further identification. Clay had an article the other day using Arkansas with no further identification. Or, maybe it’s one person and that person was on leave today and the day Clay wrote his article.

As of last Friday I no longer am a subscriber of the Demgazzet. I do not intend to continue my subscription to Hawgs Illustrated when it ends this month. I do not intend to pay good money to see the UNNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS disrespected in this way. WPS !!!

If I’m wrong, the insiders can correct me, but I don’t think Hawgs Illustrated is following this stupid policy. While this board is owned by the ADG, I don’t think the writers on the board are following this stupid policy–unless their writing appears in the ADG. I don’t blame you for cancelling the ADG subscription. I’m toying with the idea myself.

I was so mad about this !!!

I haven’t checked board I a while… I thought I was only one mad

My stories here do not contain UAF references, nor do any stories ever in Hawgs Illustrated. They never will either. That is not my policy and I won’t change, ever. Dudley and I don’t write that way. It is Arkansas Razorbacks. Period.

There are no other Razorbacks. They are committing gross style errors by using anything but Arkansas Razorbacks as first reference.

Wally today: “For the SEC in the past 25 years, Kentucky won three titles, Florida has two and the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville won one.”

Not only inconsistent (No KY- Lexington, FL- Gainesville) but awkward to read.

I e-mailed him about this weeks ago and he said it was beyond his control but with no agenda.

I don’t believe him. WH pulled this crap consistently during the Holtz era.

Whoever is forcing this issue is digging their heals in deeper and deeper when we gripe on these boards. I think this is the stupidest decision in journalism I have ever seen. Let them enforce it for other sections of the paper, but Sports? Come on WALLY, grow a pair and stand up to the idiots above you forcing you to type what THEY want you to type!

Not to take up for Wally, but in the newspaper world, mid-level managers (and I was one) do not get to pick and choose what stylebook rules they use. As has been said often on this subject, this call came from higher levels. We can complain but Wally is the wrong target. He does as he’s told.

I understand it’s not Wally’s decision, but his column today illustrates the absurdity of this rule.

He talks about past NCAA tournament champions from the SEC. He says they are “Kentucky, Florida, & the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.” Tell me that doesn’t read & sound absolutely foolish. Whoever “higher up” decided this needs to get his head out of his backside.

I totally agree with you. It doesn’t make sense unless you are going to list all universities that way. I was just responding to the post that said Wally should grow a pair, I think is what was said, and stand up to the higher ups. That’s easy said when you are not Wally and you are not having to answer to the higher ups. I think that was a cheap shot.

This is one of the things mergers and lack of competition bring you. Before Wholehog “sold out” to the paper we had a choice to get our coverage. Now the paper is taking advantage of the fans by pushing their agenda on everyone without fear of vast desertions.
I notice it is more the paper holdovers toeing the company line and pushing this crap on an unwelcoming fan base. They love to take our money, but our wishes are of little concern.