One thing positive that can come out of all this – a unified fan base.

Many of us disagreed over the course of the season about the HC and some stood behind Coach Morris until the end. After Saturday, I felt everybody come back together, tragic as it was.

Maybe the next two weeks with Coach Lunney can further the healing process. Maybe we’ll see the return of Razorbacks playing with heart and fighting to the end.

Whoever it is, I hope we can all get behind the new coach, whether it’s our top choice or somebody we don’t like, let’s stand with the new coach unless or until he proves unworthy.


Whoever the next HC is I will support!
There will be some that won’t because I’m this day and age you can’t satisfy everybody.
Our hogs need to show show toughness, grit and fight! That’s something they have failed to show the since the second half against Kentucky.

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Good good post

Agreed… time to right the ship and everyone get on board…

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