Any guesses on what uniforms Chad Morris will choose to come out with for game 1. I saw where we got some throwback NIKE ones back in the arsenal. Do you think we will see many of the other combinations that we have seen the past couple years? Some fans love them and some fans hate them. I personally did like the Red Chrome helmets. Also …wonder if we will do the Dallas Cowboy/ Hog uniforms for the A&M game again this year. Wasn’t sure if that was going to be an ongoing thing, but I figure it is up to the HC.

As for the A&M game, we’re wearing white this year so that will affect the possibilities. I’ve seen nothing indicating that the red chrome helmets will make a return (which is too bad). CM seems to be a bit old school on unis. The stuff we’re wearing this year was designed under BB, but I heard Morris say on Bo’s show last week that he’s already talked to our equipment guys about what he wants for 2019 and beyond.

I know for a fact SMU used all sorts of uniform and helmet combinations under Morris. Often a different one each game. They had three different helmet colors (a red, white and blue), some with chrome facemasks, some with the pony containing an outline of the Dallas skyline or an American flag, and many different uniform fabric color combinations, including an all black uniform. I don’t think CCM is old school on uniforms , necessarily. The influential folks/boosters perhaps told the UA football folks to tone down the uniforms. But if they did not, and CCM has free reign on uniforms, I’d expect a lot of different combinations. For recruiting value – which is real – if nothing else.

I think you’ll see a lot of uniform combinations. I remember Morris was asked if he liked the color anthracite in one of his early press conferences. He replied (paraphrasing): “If the best recruit we’re after likes anthracite, then I love anthracite.”

CM used the words “old school” himself in discussing unis with Bo. Now what he defines as old school and what Wiz defines as old school may be two entirely different things.

Interesting that you should say that (and, FWIW, I didn’t take it as a “shot” - just a reasonable observation). In fact, I agree with you. I don’t expect him to go “Harry Jones” on us next year. However, I do expect the next generation of uniforms to be pretty close to the DMac era - for the “base” uniforms.

I also expect to see several different combinations this season. This may surprise some - although it shouldn’t, since I’ve stated this same thin many, many times in the past - put I really would like to see the current generation of uniforms combined in a white jersey with red pants and red helmet for a road game; maybe the Aggie game in Arlington? I’ve always broken a little bit with “tradition” in liking the red pants from time to time, particularly with white jerseys. I recall seeing us play in red pants in Austin in 1978. a game we lost 28-21. Didn’t like the result, but loved the unis.

As for the shiny red helmets (Liberty Bowl a couple of years ago), I love them - but I think they ought to be reserved for really special games - maybe every few years - kind of like Notre Dame does with their green jerseys.

Here’s a pic of the 1978 Red pants look - from our game in Stillwater a few weeks before I saw them in Austin.

And day games. The chrome helmets always look weird to me at night.

I thought they looked fantastic in the Liberty Bowl game, which was at night.

To me, it kind of looked like they turned the lights out when the sun went down.

To each their own . . . still looked good to me.

And to me, doesn’t look a whole lot different with the lights on than the current helmets (which are similar to what we were wearing in 2009) when we played in the prior Liberty Bowl.

You took it as I intended, Dave. You’ve been an advocate of something resembling the Harry Jones look. Which is fine.
I don’t get too bent out of shape about the unis,; it’s just fabric after all. Anthracite isn’t my favorite but if the recruits like it then that bumps it up considerably in my estimation. I did like the chrome dome as a one time look but it would get old fast. I also liked the 64 throwbacks as a one off but otherwise they’re boring. I’ve seen enough of Louisville’s chrome look that I actively dislike it now, but not as much as I dislike their coach.

Do like red helmets (chrome or not) with white jerseys and red pants for road games.

The drive by Nike to develop more and more esoteric uniforms culminates in the ultimate throw back uni this year. We will be throwing it back all the way to 3500 BC as we become the first school to wear the new Nike cuneiform uniform. Base color of the jerseys and pants can best be described as stone tablet grey. The unis will be covered in a wedge shaped text written in Old Persian. The jerseys will have Cardinal block numerals, the only use of actual school colors. The helmet color is described by Nike as dark stone, but looks suspiciously like anthracite. There will be a lighter colored wedge shaped text blob on the helmet that is kind of shaped like a Razorback. Word on the street is the recruits will love them. A focus group comprised of 25 16-20 year olds plus Gashog described the new cuneiforms as “sweet, sick, tight and rad.”

I do like the Red Helmet, white jersey, and red pants combo. I think that would look great and something we see rarely. Now we just need a way to incorporate the slobbering Hog again and things will be golden!

Wait??!! Where did you see this? We are going to have some throwback unis this year? I would love to see some pictures or a link or something so I can check them out!

I don’t recall seeing any throwbacks. They may not have shown us all they have though.

I don’t remember where I saw it/ read it…I should clarify…it was more my observation from that article. It was nothing official. The uni’s that I saw basically looked like the standard uni’s that we have been wearing the past 20 years or so. I wouldn’t be surprised to see CCM pull out some cool combos though.