Uniforms for this weekend


Might have just been my phone but the Running Razorback on the helmet is difficult to see. I’d rather it be more pronounced

Incredibly awesome!

Love those chrome helmets…Good job, coach.

Love it!

Look fantastic…mucho chrome!

The helmet itself doesn’t bother me, but I’d prefer a white hog that’s easy to distinguish. To me that’s the most sacrosanct aspect of our uniform. I remember a few years ago Sports Illustrated (?) had it as one of the top most recognizable helmets in college football. I want to say it was in the top 5 or so. I see no reason to mess with such an iconic image.

Nice look…like the chrome.

Now that is a lit combo!!! Can’t wait to see that on the field man!!! Way to go CCM!!!

While I would prefer the traditional cardinal helmet with white Razorback, I’m OK with it. I just wish they would throw us fans of traditional unis a bone every now and then. How about for just one of our 12 games this year, we could put the bling aside and wear a classic Arkansas uniform. This is the 50th anniversary season of our great 1968 team. That team went 9-1 then thumped highly favored Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. Why don’t we at some point this season, honor the 1969 Sugar Bowl champs by wearing their uniform?


Have a feeling you traditionalists aren’t going to be fond of the new regime. Story was that Nike presented Beliema the opportunity to make Arkansas the “Oregon of the SEC” and Bert turned it down. I have a hunch that if dealt the same offer, this staff would jump all over it.

No kidding. It appears the only tradition we now have with uniforms is to have no tradition at all. I’d like to look at the field & know immediately who the hogs are. Even though the all-white uniforms didn’t violate my personal rule of opposing anything other than school colors, I still want the red helmet with the running white hog. At home, I’d rather wear home cardinal jerseys.

Well, I know AD’s & new coaches are at least somewhat sensitive to things donors like. And most donors are traditionalists–at least to a large degree. We can be persuaded to compromise somewhat if it helps recruiting (I’m skeptical that it really does), but traditions become traditions for a reason.

Have you surveyed the donors to have anything to back this up? Donors want winners, we don’t care about uniform combinations, or at least this BMP does.

I looked through some photos at SMU last year and found they wore eight different helmet variations (white helmets, blue helmets, gray helmets, chrome helmets, red decals, American flag decals, numbers on the helmets, etc.) and had 12 different uniform combinations in 13 games. In other words, it’s probably going to be something new every week with this coaching staff.

whatever the players like.

I have never once looked out onto the field, no matter what uniform we are wearing and thought, “Who is that team?”

We will wear "traditional "uniforms in nearly every other contest. I loved our red helmets for the last two years. They were by far the best looking helmets on TV we have ever had. Even my wife commented on them.

no. No surveys. However, I’ve heard a lot of them talk about it at various meetings, games, etc. I agree donors want winners, but you make it sound as though the uniforms create the wins. They don’t. Do they affect recruiting? I know some people say they do. I’m skeptical of that claim. At least I’m skeptical of them being a deciding factor in recruiting.

I love the red chrome helmet, but . . . as I’ve said multiple times before . . . I’d MUCH prefer that they saved it for special games, like Notre Dame does the green jerseys.

Nothing against CSU - and this is a big game in a relative sense - but I don’t think this game qualifies. When we’re playing for a conference crown or a big Bowl game is the time for these.

But that’s just me.

Any you make it sound as if 1964 uniforms have any bearing on how we play. It takes players to win, and we’ve had a shortage of those lately. I’m 60, but the old guard is slowly dying off and will need to be replaced by the younger ones, so different uniforms doesn’t hurt anything if it keeps the engaged with the program.