Uniform thread - DON'T read/comment if you don't like such threads

Just dawned on me that I haven’t seen any posts about our uni’s on Saturday (there may have been a couple, but I missed them if there were).

I’ve been campaigning for that combo (red helmet and britches, white jersey) for eons now. In fact, though we may have worn it since, the last times I recall us in that combo was the 7 OT game at Ole Miss (2001) and (Ironically) Fred Talley’s infamous game at Auburn in 2002. I don’t recall us putting that combination together in the Petrino or Bielema eras.

I thought that they really looked sharp. Coincidentally, I had noticed in the A&M - Bama game that the Aggies were wearing their version of the same uniforms, and I thought those looked nice as well.

Since we’ve got no “anti-uniform-thread” folks reading this, what do the rest of you think?

And - yes - I know we’d all be OK with anything they wore if they won more games. But there are dozens of threads about what we can do to improve the team. I’m asking specifically about the uniform combo.

Really liked them?

They looked OK, so I’d kind of like to see them more often?

Not my favorite, but if they wear them once every couple of seasons I won’t quit watching?

Hate them?

I liked them and I am a traditionalist

I assume we are visitor Saturday?

Liked them - since it appears we are changing each week and we are the visitors I vote for one I’ve been wanting to see:

White lids
White top
Red pants

Don’t take it personally Jackson - but . . . BARF!!

I just can’t abide the white Texas-wannabe lids. It’s a generational thing . . . I’m ingrained with a hatred for the marshmallow helmets.

At the same time, I was thinking during the game Saturday night that I wouldn’t be surprised to see that very combo this season - perhaps this very weekend.

You may get your wish!

I liked them. I like them all. I would like what jackson said as well. I would like a anthracite pant white jersey anthracite helmet. Whatever, just keep mixing it up.

The helmet should be red with a white Razorback – always!

Love the new red helmets.

Don’t love the white helmets. They need a bold red stripe.

Not a fan of the red pants…let’s wear grey pants like we did in the 50’s. How’s that for tradition? Anthracite returns.

I prefer white helmets, gray pants and red jerseys.

Just kidding.

My thoughts on alternate football jerseys are pretty simple: wear whatever you want as a top and bottom, but keep the helmet the same. Every top and bottom Arkansas has ever worn looks good with the red helmet.

I liked them. That look dates back to at least the Holtz years. Much better than the red red red look. I hope we don’t see that.

This. I want red helmets in whatever finish.

White helmets, gray pants, red jersey. I’m down!

This was actually the first game I can remember watching that I wasn’t crazy about the uniforms. I thought that early on in the game they looked like South Carolina unis. After the sun went down and the lights came on though, I thought the color looked better and I like them more.

As for helmets, I like the regular red the best. White are OK, and the chrome would be better if the hog was shiny white instead of shiny silver.
I like Matt’s idea though. Everything looks good with the red helmet. I would like to see anthracite and/or cowboys style unis with the regular red helmet.

I loved the uniform combination the Hogs wore Sat. They looked really sharp and loved the traditional finish on the helmet, much better than the chrome and looked very nice under the lights.

Thanks for the thread, I was going to start one up but thought i would get lots of heat after a loss so didn’t have the guts :smiley:

How about red helmets with a large front-facing Hog? … KIDDING! Just wanted your heart to skip a beat. Do prefer red helmets with the regular Hog, though I wouldn’t mind increasing the size of the Hog a tad. Don’t oversize it, but put a little size on it. That works for me with practically any other combination that has cardinal red and white.

I agree with Baumbastichawg and Matt…red helmets with white hog all the time…no matter what.

I did like the combo Wiz. I remember the games you reference well. We also wore that combo back when ole Ike Forte was rompin’ and stompin’…that memory is burned into my brain.

I don’t believe we ever wore red pants in the Broyles era, which includes all of Ike Forte’s time. First appearance of red pants I recall was at Stillwater in 1978 against Okie Lite; that was Granny’s second season.

I thought we wore red pants in 1975 when we played Oklahoma State at Stillwater, Ike Forte’s senior year, I was there and we lost that I’m certain of.

I hope they wear different jerseys every game.

Part of me hops we change to Jordan brand.

I hope we wear all white more, with different accents.


Because the recruits like it and I don’t want to be complaining about talent level again in 5 year. No it isn’t a deciding factor, but I can assure you recruits notice it and want to look good and have it changed up. We aren’t Alabama, we can’t roll out the same ugly jerseys over and over with hideous Black cleats, we have to do whatever we can to stick out.

Change it up, keep it fresh. I like it.

Red pants don’t bother me. Ideally, I prefer white pants, but as long as we wear a red helmet with the white hog & wear some combination of red or white jerseys & pants, I’m okay with the uniforms. No black or anthracite.

(BTW, when Hunter Yurachek spoke to the LRTD club a couple of weeks ago he mentioned how passionate Ark football fans were. He listed as an example “anthracite uniforms.” A huge chorus of boos went up from the crowd. Pretty clear how that crowd felt about those.)

My favorite look on the road. I am also glad we are back to a glossy finish on the helmets, was not a big fan of the matte finish.