Uniform question for Matt, Clay or Dudley

Would you guys know if we are finally ditching those ugly white road uniforms for football? Surely, we can come up with a white uniform that is similar to our cool, traditional DMac home uniform that most all of us love. Only Arkansas could come up with different designs for home and away. Hopefully, that idea went away when Chad left.

Has anyone asked the big guy about the uniforms? Sam, I mean.

I don’t know what the plan is with uniforms. Those plans seem to be kept closer to the vest than state secrets.

I’ll try to ask someone about it and see what - if any - they are willing to disclose.

I have visited with Sam twice one-on-one and neither time did I think to ask him about his thoughts on uniforms.

My preference for road uniforms is all white with a red helmet. Traditional.


I like the shiny red helmets we wore last year. They would look great with the white DMac uniform for road games. The DMac design is traditional, but it looks great, even today.

I seem to recall that the original plan was to have the road whites match the home uni’s last year, but they either couldn’t get both sets done in time or decided it was okay to wait a year due to the fact that that we only needed the white uniforms for 3 games total in 2019. But I do remember the question being posed to Chad.

No one at the U of A has called me for my opinion, but it has been abs remains the same as jhawg, with this caveat - save the glossy red helmets (that we first wore in the Liberty Bowl, I believe) for “special” game…maybe once a year. Just to add some extra excitement. Special games can be whatever the coach decides…but I’m thinking a really important conference game with division title implications, or a Bowl game. But wearing them less often adds a little to the impact of coming out in them, I think.

Otherwise, DMac era unis both on the road and home, including the 2 strips on the sides of the britches.

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