Uniform police are going to freak...

White helmet on red jerseys alert…


Not really a uniform police guy. I don’t mind the white helmets with the white uniforms, but they look TERRIBLE with the red uniforms. Going to be a bad look IMHO.

I don’t mind disguising ourselves with these uniform combos when we are losing.

But we are going to beat Ole Miss.

Would like the country to recognize us when they see the highlights this week.

despise the white helmets especially with the Red shirts…UGGHHH

I’m trying to remember if we’ve actually worn that combination before. I can’t think of any but I have missed some games from time to time. Then again, I’ll miss this one too (working Saturday night).

Times are changing, players and recruits like it, I like it.

The players and recruits love them, but who cares about their opinions, huh? :sunglasses:

There’s an interesting article on line today about how Notre Dame has finally adapted to the times. Not in their unis, but in the game day atmosphere. They actually play hip hop in NDS during games. The story talks about how the bluehairs used to take a nap in their seats during games because it was so placid. Not any more. They actually encourage fans to stand up and make noise now.

I had a little taste of that on my last trip to Europe, when I took in a German soccer match. Fans were strongly discouraged from standing up during the game, except for the standing room only terraces. They would call the usher on violators. Apparently it used to be the same way in South Bend, but not any more.

Last time I checked, the UA and every other college football program has team “colors” not team “uniforms”, right? The silver is a worthy conversation, or black, or any other color not cardinal and white. But this “uniform” appears consistent with out team “colors” so I approve.

Yes, against Rutgers in 2012.

The same thing is happening at Texas. The new AD remarked last year that the game-day atmosphere was stuck in the '70s and overall terrible. They have moved large swaths of donors to other sections and given students more prime seating, and done away with reserved seating for students in favor of first-come, first-serve. There is live music outside the stadium and a mixture of hip hop and stadium anthems inside. The AD told the public address announcer to act like more of a fan in his calls. It has apparently changed the feel there dramatically.

And I went to that game, too. Cobi went nuts but the defense made their QB look like a Heisman winner.

Love them!

The white helmets are dull and boring. Put a red stripe on the white helmet…at least make it look cool

We wore the white helmets with the red stripe in the 40’s and 50’s.

We, in my opinion, have the ugliest pants and jerseys in the SEC. Those tusks things are not good.

I love our new red helmets, but the white blows.

Our Nike uniform guy must have flunked design.

We need a total redo of the pants and jersey.

Ole Miss blows us out of the water on the uniform contest.

To me the red helmet with the white running hog is iconic. The most important part of our uniform. But I no longer “freak” over uniform changes. They’re part of today’s world. We won’t have a season without at least 5 or 6 different ones it seems. It’s designed to make Nike money & I guess that doesn’t bother me. At least we’re only using cardinal & white so far this year (I think)

We still have LSU and Vandy to break out the anthracite. Doubt they’ll do it for Tulsa.

ND has worn alternate unis on several occasions. They just announced they will wear gray ones soon.

For whatever reason they get lumped (by uniform police) into a group of schools that would “never” change their uniforms but actually have done so (ND, MI, Oh St, Nebraska etc).

I like all the combinations except the all red look. Let the players pick their uniform.

I had hoped, after that disgusting loss, we would have learned our lesson (about the blasphmous white helmet AT HOME). But I guess not.

Seriously, I HATE the white Texas-wannabe helmets (Marshmallow heads). But I have resigned myself to the fact that we’re going to wear them occasionally. But for goodness sake, make it ON THE ROAD, preferably with our all white unis. We should never wear anything but our iconic red helmets at home.


I just wish the white hat had a red razorback…not a red outlined razorback.