Unhappy fan bases in SEC

Happened to spend a couple hours in the car today listening to Paul Finebaum. It was pretty funny, there are a lot of upset fan bases this year, three games in. There are only about five teams that have happy fans at this point: AL, Vanderbilt, Miss. St., GA (but worried), and KY. It’s going to be an interesting season.

Yes it will be an interesting season. After each game a coach is put on a hot seat by the media. Each week text, message boards and twitter get loaded with ticked off fans wanting a their coaches fired.

What a wonderful world.

Sure hope we have happy fans Saturday afternoon!! WPS

Some fans stay unhappy, but not any of ours.

I wonder how many fans enjoy football season anymore. It seems like so many want to scrutinize every detail and write their team off after a game or two or three. I know people who couldn’t enjoy a 49-7 win over Florida A&M because they spent the whole time worrying about how various things they saw would play out against TCU. Others spend the whole season wishing and wondering who their AD will hire after the season when there are no guarantees a change will be made.

It just seems like a lot of people forget to enjoy football season, then lament the eight months between games.

The cost of tickets create some of the issues. When you pay that much money, you believe you deserve more for your money than you are getting right now. I understand that perfectly. It’s like that everywhere across college football. Nothing about football in a Power 5 conference is cheap. And, when you are hit with all the costs to see a game in person, it makes it much easier to be disappointed.

But I will say that it’s not that much different than in the 60s and 70s. There was no talk radio, no Paul Finebaum show and no message boards, but there was criticism in coffee shops all over Arkansas when Frank Broyles made a call that didn’t work (pooch kick against Baylor, a pass against Texas in 69 instead of a run to position to kick a field goal) or lost a game that was close. Frank was roasted by fans, just not in the way coaches are now on message boards or on the radio and that was even while winning a lot of SWC titles. And, he wasn’t paid that much and tickets were $6. Yes, I saw an old ticket a few weeks ago from the '63 season and it was $6. Maybe $6 went a little further then, but it sure seems cheap to me.

No ticket inflation in the '60s. See below.

I think another thing that leads to this is closed practices. I totally understand the reasons for it, but now you get to see the team play 12 times a year and without practice reports, the negative seems to be amplified since it may be unexpected.

For example Matt mentioned the Florida A&M game, fans were happy for the win, but after seeing the play of Austin Allen and receivers and some of the struggles in the passing game, there was a little head scratching…of course, it turned out to be accurate concern as it was amplified in the TCU Game. Now, fans have no clue what to expect in A&M game.

No one will admit it, but many groups of fans actually hope their team loses so they can get a new coach. Once they turn on a coach, its all over.

I’ve seen it here, and it occurs other places as well.

Mind boggling.

Oh I have seen people admit it. Toward the end of Nolan’s tenure, they were afraid he’d win the SECT (which apparently saved his job once) or go on an NCAAT run and thus keep his job. And they were open about it. They wanted him out sooner rather than later and if that took losing, so be it.

Did you have to use that particular ticket? Now, I will replay that game over and over agian, and Clay mentioned a pass instead a run to set up a field goal. That one will haunt us forever.

I did enjoy seeing that picture on the ticket. Now that brought back many great memories.

I used it because I was pretty sure that the price was still $6 in 1969 and because I knew I could find a picture of the ticket. Finding a picture of, say, the 1969 TCU ticket (the first Hog game I ever attended) would be considerably more difficult if not impossible. Just looked, in fact, and couldn’t find one. But I did find an NFL ticket stub from 1969, Rams vs. Saints in the Coliseum. That one was also $6.

Scrolling a little further down, I found a stub from the 1976 TCU game. Rampant inflation: That was all the way up to $7.

If we go by what the experts are predicting, we are going to be very unhappy on Saturday.

Life is too short to be wasted on being unhappy. Letting what others do to cause unhappiness is sad. A person chooses to be happy no matter the circumstances. I prefer to win and not lose, but I will always enjoy football and not allow the Razorbacks’ success or lack thereof to determine my joy.

I agree about letting what others do should not affect happiness. Unfortunately, I think disappointed in others can temporarily affect it. AR and Dallas losing usually bums me for awhile, and them winning usually makes me euphoric for awhile. But at the end of the day, there is more important stuff in life.

More than half of our own fans are picking us to lose in the scores thread, some of them ridiculously badly. I don’t see it, I think we win.

I hope we do. Some of the reasons they’re coming up with are based on what we’ve seen so far. Hard to argue. Personally, watching both teams, I’m not sure who will win. Hoping it’s us.

I visit a couple of SEC message boards, and you are right. About half the teams want their coach fired.

I’m getting to the point that I hate most message boards.

http://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/ … 681291001/

Amen. If the worst thing that happened to me this year is that the Hogs went 5-7, I would have had a really good year (and it’s already far too late for that to be true). Games are a diversion, a means to forget about all the other stuff for a few hours.