You dangle the Beard carrot in front of us for darn near a week and now tell Hog fans to settle for a vanilla wafer in Eric Musselman.

You should expect a very unhappy fan base.

Freakin’ BS!!!

I like Musselman and think he has tremendous potential. Surely most people weren’t expecting Beard.

I haven’t seen anything official, just speculation from Mike Irwin, who has been less than correct about the coaching search

Pfffttt…. So did Mark Fox.

I don’t think anyone was realistically expecting Beard but most were expecting better than Eric Musselman.

No Greg Marshall? No Thad Matta? Why!!!

Where is Marshall and Matta?

Good question. where are they? why is musselman being offered over both of these excellent coaches? I just don’t get it.

I agree with NavyHog. I think most people knew that Beard was a long shot whose chances became slimmer with every round he advanced in the tournament. I also think that Musselman shows great potential to take the program to a higher level than it has been under the last few coaches and would be very excited if he gets hired.

Matta’s like signing a pitcher with a history of elbow trouble. To risky with his health issues. Does he have the stamina/health to recruit at a high level?

Even Beard would not be universally popular, although tonight probably took a step in that direction (and probably also removed our last chance to get him); style of play, etc. There was some ugly basketball out there tonight.

Media are giving us speculation which may or may not have a kernel of truth, because we demand it and because HY ain’t talking. Not to mention the old fourth-hand my-brother-in-law-plays-tennis-with-a-trustee’s-nephew kind of gossip. Are we really waiting for Chris Beard to tell us no? I have no idea.

He’s been shopping himself around, so apparently he’s healthy enough.

Fox took over a team coming off a Sweet 16 and was able to keep them winning. 20 wins each year. Never getting past the 1st weekend of the tournament.

Musselman took over a 9-22 team and turned them around the first year. They won the CBI and then he went to three straight NCAAT. Including the Sweet 16 last year.

Very different scenarios at Nevada.

I have been hoping for Eric Musselman for almost a week now. I think he wins and wins big here, with the extra resources and better recruiting budget. I think kids will relate to him and want to play for him with his NBA background.

I hope it happens

Agreed. Anyone believing Beard was ever coming here are the same ones that thought we’d land Gruden and Cowher.

Unfortunately it seems some of our Trustees were hanging around outside Powerhouse for that elusive Gruden sighting.

Beard Cant leave, I couldn’t. That’s Family now.

I dont know anything about Musselman, I cant Comment yet.

It doesn’t matter. There are several young coaches that will prove to be outstanding that we can hire for whatever we offer. If the coach we hires is not successful, we will replace him. In the meantime there is football, ladies basketball, baseball, and track that we can follow.