Unfortunately not a surprise

Not a bit. He’s had issues all along. NFL talent, 10-cent decision making, and that might be an overestimate.

Sad news, with the talent he had athletically and with the motivation and maturity to make better decisions, it seems that there was reason to believe that he could have a good life without involvement in criminal activity.

So sad. Pray this is a wake up call.

He may not wake up from this nightmare until his parole date. Which is really crazy considering that marijuana is now semi-legal in Arkansas, so there are people legally doing what he allegedly did.

Well if the charges stick, What he was doing is illegal period even if he had a prescribed marijuana card. Or a permit to grow for a dispensary or even owned a dispensary. None of which is likely since this is his second offense for the same.
Hope he had another stash of money elsewhere for a good lawyer.

Not denying that. But if you have a dispensary permit you can legally distribute weed.

Ok dispensary permit meaning - to sell to or from a dispensary?
If to a dispensary you grow it yourself to sell to the dispensary only per their standards per amounts they dictate and supply required.
If from a dispensary then the sales take place there at the business and only to marijuana card holders.
Both require a legal license for such. None of it can be conducted within close proximity of a school.


I doubt Korliss has the $200k surety bond to be a dispensary, or the $100k in liquid assets needed to get the license. He obviously had the $7500 to get one on him.

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