Unfortunate for Catalon

There is really no way to know whether the targeting penalty that wiped out Catalon’s interception will hurt him in the Thorpe Award race, but I suspect it might. The position awards are based so much on stats and a fourth interception could have helped his candidacy. He is one of 12 semifinalists.

I think it’s a long shot that Catalon will win the award, but when he intercepted the pass my first thought was that he might help him become a finalist. His tackle stats are great and there is only one other Thorpe semifinalist with four or more interceptions.

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That said, I think Catalon has a great chance at All-America this year.


I’m not familiar with all of the D lineman nation wide, but Jonathan Marshall surely is one of the best I have seen.


Marshall has been really good. We discussed him on the podcast this week. Stats don’t tell the story of a good defensive tackle. You just have to watch them over and over. I watched Marshall some against Alabama’s All-America center today and thought he won some one-on-one matchups.


He is some kind of player. He hits like a ton of bricks. He is old school.

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Vanderbilt was so short handed today they had guys playing both ways…I believe if given the task Marshall could blow up some defensive linemen from the offensive side

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I don’t think Catalon was going to win that award in any scenario this year. Freshman only win those if they play for Alabama or Ohio State type teams that are legit Playoff teams. Not saying he didn’t deserve consideration - just that the politics don’t work for a freshman from a lower-level team.

I do, however, think he has a real chance at winning it sometime during his time at Arkansas, especially if we’re an 8-9 game winner when he’s a junior.

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Catalon is at least in the discussion for All-America this year. He may make some second teams. All-America teams have eight players in the secondary. He’s in the conversation in that regard. They don’t have to be split between safety and corner but often are four and four.

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I agree. He’s got the game and positive media push to make 3rd team All-American…something like that. But not the Thorpe Award - not this season. That’s what I was referring to.

He’ll be first or second team All-SEC, and he deserves to be.

If you are first team All-SEC, you will have a shot at first team All-America, especially this year with less competition from Big 10 and Pac-12. Few candidates outside the ACC and Big 12.

FYI, I just finished 3 hours on an an All-America conference call. So my perspective is coached up a little bit. Strange year.

As far as the Thorpe Award, I assume Surtain will win.

And I agree with your thoughts.

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