Unfavorable forecast for Oxford

Looks like there is a 90% chance for rain Thursday and 80% for Friday. 25% for Sat.

Just came here to post the same thing…may be a scheduling challenge to get games in again this weekend…

Two on Saturday, one on Sunday?

Well would both games on Saturday be 9 innings?

Yep, same as the Friday doubleheader at Baton Rouge. Sundays are 7 innings, or Saturday if its a Thursday-Saturday series.

They cannot play on Sunday, since it is a Thursday - Saturday series.

Oh okay. I’d forgotten they start on Thursday this week. So a Saturday DH would be 7 innings.

A Saturday doubleheader would be seven innings. Also, if a game has to resume Saturday, the final game would be seven innings.

The highest chances of rain in Oxford tomorrow are during the daytime. It lowers to 40% at night.

If we take the lead late in a game, they will stop the game and call it for rain.

Just dome the stadium.

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