Unexpected consequence of new reshirt rule?

I saw where one of Auburn’s starting WRs and a TE had left the team this week, and both intended to use this year as a redshirt year so they would save a year of eligibility.

I wonder if we will see a few more such departures this year, as guys play a few games and then decide to leave for greener pastures.

I kind of expected this, much easier for a player to leave now if he is unhappy for any reason. Probably a better situation for all.

I don’t think it was unexpected. I think this is why some coaches didn’t like the rule.

I’d be willing to bet Jalen Hurts does the same thing at Bama because he graduates in December. After this weekend he could/probably tell Saban he wants to redshirt and then be a graduate transfer in December and still have 2 years to play. My dream scenario in this situation is that he would transfer here. :smiley:

Hurts is darn good player. He would have an immediate impact for the Hogs. But, there is always the chance Tua gets injured. I don’t know what they have at QB after Hurts.

Mac Jones is their #3 QB right now. You will not be surprised to learn he was a 4-star recruit that Bama flipped from Kentucky. Jones completed his first collegiate pass in garbage time against the Rebnecks. #4, I believe, is the kid from Pulaski Academy that they flipped from walking on at ASU.

It will not be Nick’s decision, it will be Jalen’s.

In that case, it might provide more balance and level the playing field a bit.

If in fact he will graduate in December, that is what he should do because he could play immediately and be a starter wherever he transfers to and that would include all but one or two SEC teams.