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wow Nice one Becca!!

Dang, I’d say nice in deed, that thing is a monster, how long? Weight?

I’m not a fisherman so I might have jumped out of the boat when that brown broke the surface.

Trout fisherman are mainly concerned with length. This one was measured a little over 24 inches. There was another one that was 23 inches that was actually bigger in girth. These both are considered trophy brown trout.

Becca has caught several in the 25-inch range. I’ve caught one that was estimated at 26 about 10 years ago. I’ve caught rainbows at 27.5 inches. But I’m getting used to Becca out fishing me. Her husband the guide has taught her well.


Yea I can see why those are trophies, beautiful fish she caught, don’t see those that big here in Ca

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