Unemployed but still posting here

Except for the Two Rivers Fly Shop (and some radio work and a column in the magazine), I’m now unemployed. In other words, I don’t have a full-time job first time in 42 years. I have noticed no difference in attitude. And, I’m still posting on the message board, where most are like family.

I won’t post every day, but I’m addicted to it about like most of you folks are addicted to it. I need to tell my mundane stuff to someone because Jean Ann isn’t listening any more today than she did last week when I was employed.

FYI, if you are in Norfork on a Monday, stop in the fly shop. For at least a little while, that’s going to be the day I spell the regular staff. The owner has gone back and forth on what day that would help the most in their schedule. It needs to be a low volume day for me while I learn how to operate the cash register and credit card machine. It’s believed that Monday is slightly more busy than Tuesday or Wednesday and that’s the day that was picked for me.

I think part of my job is to brew a pot of coffee and wash coffee cups every day. It’s in the heart of town on Highway 5 just a few feet south of the Norfork River bridge. I think there will be time each Monday to check the forums. I will also tie midges for the shop during down time. They will be on sale along with the rest of the flies in the shop, at no extra cost. If you pick one of mine out (and I’ll probably tell you they are working), I’ll at least tell you that it was hand tied by me. FYI, all of the flies are hand tied. LOL.

I wrote one last column for the website, about what it feels like to throw out a ceremonial first pitch. OH, maybe it isn’t the last one. I assume Matt will take that column I write for the magazine and put it on the website, too. I expect them to be the Where Are They Now features that I so love to write.


Man I loved reading this and the article Clay!! How cool was that and you nailed that pitch brother….great job! The determination and look on your face clearly shows you are….raring back and cutting loose with it!!! Congrats!


Another peek at your heart Clay. We’ll done as always.


I’ve been unemployed and posting here more times than I want to think about. But I always went back to the grind. You don’t have to. Congrats, my friend.


My family (Dad) used to have around 50 acres along the White…somehow he managed to donate that just before he passed…otherwise, I’d have a great reason to come on by.

Still, trying to figure out how to get there in retirement in GA. Best wishes…maybe someday.

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Clay, we definitely like you posting! I feel better about your retirement now…

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Like I said, ya’ll family.


Good job Clay!

is it next to the liquor store by the tracks at thesouth end of the bridge?

On highway 5. Not by tracks. It’s on the East side of Highway 5, straight across from the Wolfe House.

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I’m glad you got some warm up throws. I know i would have too bc the citis and nitis brothers would have eaten up my 1st pitch otherwise.I’m proud for you Clay,very great honor and one well deserved my friend.keep on posting,always love to hear what you think.

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Clay is reaping what he has sown. Well deserved, all your family on this board are smiling, you are one of us.

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Pretty good form on the page and on the mound!


I keep running into people who were there Saturday night. No way everyone in Mountain Home travels to Arkansas baseball. But it seems that way.

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I will be there Monday to work at fly shop. It’s the slow day for the week. I’ll prob tie midges.

Grateful Dead vibe. Love it. I need to go there.

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Awesome cap.

That logo on a camo Simms cap is cool. There are some coming in. I’ll take a photo and share.

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First day at Two Rivers Fly Shop. No customers in first 80 minutes. Time to tie flies.

Daughter caught a nice brown Friday.