Uneasy Riders

A couple of weeks ago I said that Charlie Daniels had a better chance of getting to Omaha than the Arkansas Razorbacks did. Of course ole Charlie checked out a couple of years ago, and I thought our baseball team had checked out too. Tired and uninspired is the way I saw the team that went O for Hoover. Happy to be wrong, and thrilled to see us make it to Omaha via Stillwater and Chapel Hill!


I like our chances in Omaha as well as anyone’s. OM is hot. So is A&M. But let’s face it. Everyone who gets to Omaha is a threat. I’m glad a certain orange colored team from east of here didn’t make it.


Them not being there has already made my summer. The only thing that could bring me down, would be Ole Miss winning it all. I’d say the field is wide open. Why not us?


This team is overcome a lot of ups and downs haven’t always played their best but now is finding ways to win even when the opposition is making miracle plays. Omaha will be incredibly talented as always because everybody who gets there will be playing extremely well

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The hogs face the winner of the Stanford super. I think! What other supers are on the hogs side of the bracket.

Ole Miss for one.

I was in the same boat as you. They looked tired and uninspired. Figured 0-2 in SEC. tournament and 0-2 in regionals. Glad I was wrong.

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Yes Hogs will face Stanford winner.

The two Omaha teams that aren’t decided yet are both on our side of the bracket. Stanford-UConn for one, Auburn-Molester State for the other. And we’ll start Saturday.

The other side is set. Notre Dame-Texass and Rebnecks-Mobilehoma on Friday.

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