I kinda like it that way. I don’t remember a big game where we were not underdogs. Let’s play with a chip on our shoulder.

And win it all.

Go Hogs Go

The pundits may think the hogs are the underdogs but I don’t! There will be more hog fans there than beaver fans!
Our pitching is in better shape and that includes our bullpen. On offense it’s a toss up based on stats but the pitching will be the difference.
Hogs win game 1! 8-3.

I’m not sure who has us as underdogs (maybe everyone) but it seems to me (especially when you consider our pitching is better positioned) to be at worse a toss up.

It’s gonna come down to who makes a few clutch plays.

Warren Nolan the RPI guy has OSU as a 62% favorite to win it all.

Ya. Saw that. They also had us going something insane like 23-7 in the SEC. Not sure how much worth I put in their predictions. I doubt they factor in anything other than raw #s.

If we are underdogs it’s not by much. I believe the best 2 teams in the country are playing for it all.

Vegas favors the Beavers as well.


Both teams are hitting over .330 in the CWS and we have the pitching advantage… I like our chances. OSU admitted they fell short last year and if we go up on them a lot of britches will be puckered in their dugout. Time to wrap this thing up in two.

I don’t necessarily agree that we’re underdogs, but I’ll take that role all the way to the title.

Wizard, I understand FB-- LV numbers but those look weird??

Care to explain?

We should be underdogs if you look at the present numbers & stats & this year’s draft, plus recent CWS histories of each team.
But only by a slim margin if you look at overall talent level.
Underdog is what AR fans are used to anyway.
This Hog Team ain’t scared!