I see in most betting lines we are a 1 1/2pt underdog today against TTech. Any idea of something the oddsmakers see that we don’t? Arkansas is the higher seed.

Oddsmakers are not saying they think who will win or lose. Their job is to get half the money bet on each team and the house more profit.

Yes, I understand how oddsmakers work. But they usually set the points based on the latest information that may influence who the public is likely to think wins. I am asking if there is something going on that we do not know about. I can not imagine why we would be a higher seed and still an underdog.

You seem to have answered your question. Setting the line is done to balance the betting. Oddsmakers take many things into consideration, including who is betting and how those bettors have bet previously. If there were 10 bettors that took Arkansas and gave points to Colgate in Round 1 and 90 bettors that took Tech in their Round 1 game, his line will be influenced to get some of those 90 to swing to Arkansas.

A couple of books have Tech -2, a couple have Tech -1. That’s okay. We’ll win and cover and some people will tear up their betting slips. My guess? Teams from Texas get different odds because Texassans bet geography.

BTW, Hogs are currently 35-1 to win the entire tournament. Tech is 25-1. Probably same thing.

Yes, I placed my bets already. Both Moneyline and taking points.

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