Both players and coach. Pitiful. So disappointed but not disillusioned. About what I expect from Anderson to date. Guess it takes 10 years to build a program that can go deep in the tourney.

How did they underachieve when we only had two proven players to return from last years team? Daniel Gafford was a pleasant surprise but the rest of the roster was questionable at best and that’s being kind considering their track record… We did not underachieve

We were picked to finish 6th in the conference and go to the dance

We did what was expected and no more. Need more than just two Good Sr Guards to make a run in the tourney. Gafford played like the freshman he is and our all Sec guards were not hitting shots.

Butler is not a great team, but they have beaten great teams when their shots have fallen.

As a great Unlv player once told Coach Richardson, we need to go out and recruit some men!!

He’s gonna whine and yell about the coach after every loss and most wins. He will come back and say I and others defend MA regardless.

Here’s how I rate MA:

–Decent but not great recruiter. Recruiting has improved in recent years. Refuses to cheat. Biggest recruiting drawback I see is that NR was able to find underrecruited players who were perfect fits for his system and turned them into stars

–Underappreciated gameday coach. He doesn’t rant and rave and he doesn’t self promote and he’s from the NR tree so the pundits and haters deem everhr does as just rolling the ball out; He’s lucky in every game he wins. Pesky stats indicate he’s best in the league and maybe the country in 1-possession games and hasn’t lost a game he was leading at half in a few years. Decent run for an idiot coach.

–Has to decide what he wants to be. The rules changed have really hurt. He has shown signs of largely scrapping frequent use of full court press. His notion offense and use of interchangeable parts and switching on defense is fairly forward thinking and where the NBA is at this point.

–This was a big miss for them. They needed to make the 2nd weekend to continue to build the brand. They should have been a 6 and Butler should have been on the 8/9. I don’t know If it would have made a difference but they earned a better first-game opportunity.

–Next year looks bleak. I bet Gafford goes and anytime you have that many newcomers there are big growing pains. They’ve been pretty unlucky with unexpected early departures and career-ending injuries. You have to overcome that but it has definitely tempered the progress.

–All in all so love MA as a person. I really appreciate that he left a budding power and took on a big rebuild and has gotten mostly hate in return. He need to do slightly better but I’m not sure how to make that happen other than cheating. This group had a chance to make a run and they gagged. Part of that is on him and part of that is on him.

As an attorney, when I pick a jury, I like the know rather than the unknown. With MA, I know that most years we are going to be good. I know that we aren’t going to cheat. To me, that’s a lot better than taking a flyer on a HC who is going to be out of the sport in a few years or will have us under investigation.

But I’m also like everyone else. I yearn for more. I’m just not sure how to make it happen and no one else is, either.

If we only had two proven players and Daniel Gafford as a freshman as you say then whose fault is it that we didn’t have a better roster? This isn’t year 3 or 4, but year 7.

I think Coach Anderson is a good man who has brought respectability back to the program, but I am afraid at this point in his coaching career this program has reached its ceiling. He is a far better coach than some give him credit for being, but he also struggles to put a complete roster together. Every year he has been here there has been a couple of gaping holes in the roster that has kept this program from becoming a consistent Top 25 team, SEC Champion, or advancing to at least the second weekend of the NCAA tournament.

I agree the roster isn’t where it needs to be and that’s on the coach but the statement that we underachieved is completely left field when you look at the roster talent. Many of the players on the roster weren’t our first or second choice in recruiting

So by this logic, a coach can not be questioned if team has little talent.


I like Mike but do believe a fire need be lit under everyone after this blowout loss.