Uncharacteristic Knight

That was probably the worst start of Blaine’s career. He just left too many pitches up in the zone and Auburn was aggressive. He also walked four, which is almost as many as he walked the first five SEC starts combined.

This is going to put a lot of pressure on the Razorbacks’ bullpen. Arkansas needs someone to step up and eat some innings tonight.

They’re killing all our pitchers tonight, Matt. Obviously we’ve had trouble with our BP all year, so that’s not terribly surprising, but for them to get to Knight like that…well, frustrating. Was it a matter of Knight just being “off” or is the AU offense just that good? Do they have us that well scouted?

And while it no longer matters for purposes of this game, Shaddy just had one of his errors.

Auburn’s offense hasn’t scored like this all year. They’ve won with pitching and defense.