Uncertain future for NBAHogs?

Other than Bobby Portis, status for next season seems a bit uncertain for NBAHogs,

Daniel Gafford had a wonderful season since his trade to Washington and played an impact role in the Washington Wizards run to qualify for the playoffs and in the first round against the Sixers. Coach Brooks really believed in him and in the season end presser commented about Gafford and how he hopes to work with him during the off-season and take him to the next level. Coach Brooks is now no longer with the Wizards and Gafford has basically lost his sponsor. He will have to start all over again with a new coach.

Patrick Beverley lost his starting job to Reggie Jackson because of his anemic offense that enabled teams to double team Leonard and Paul often. Wonder what Clippers will do with him next season.

Isaiah Joe has been praised for his attitude, work ethic and defense by Coach Rivers, but was never able to crack the rotation fir the Sixers. Whatever time he has received in garbage time, his shot has not been consistent, I am sure primarily because it is kind of hard coming off the bench cold and make threes in a few minutes of PT. Beating out Tyrese Maxey, rookie from Kentucky, seems to be the issue. Maxey has cracked the rotation and has performed well.

Bobby Portis is in the best position among the NBAHogs to build on his role as the Sixth Man off the bench for the Milwaukee Bucks. Except it was a bit concerning that in the critical Game 5 last night, he got a DNP.

Finally, not sure what Mason is up to after Sixers released him.

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PBev may have an uncertain role and may even be traded due to being on an expiring contract, but he’s guaranteed 14.3 mil next season regardless.
Portis has positioned himself quite nicely due to his 3pt %. He will probably opt out of his 3+ mil salary and be an UFA.
Joe’s contract (and role) is not guaranteed but he’s a cheap roster filler so the 76ers will probably guarantee his 1.5 mil contract.
Gafford’s 1.7 mil isn’t guaranteed but as an energy big he has a place somewhere even if not with the Wiz. His issue going forward will be not fitting the mold of the stretch big that is the new landscape.
I think Mason will earn a spot on an NBA roster next season. The same for Macon.

Swinesong51, I sure like your positive outlook better than PJ’s.

I’m not sure how anyone can look at what Gafford did down the stretch and think that his immediate future is uncertain, regardless of the coaching change.

He fits their system and roster. He doesn’t require shots (there aren’t many to go around). And, his salary is low.

He plays hard and is productive. Just about the only negative in his play with them has been that he gets into foul trouble.

He will absolutely factor big-time in their plans going forward.

Yes, that is the uncertainty I was pointing out, that is going to a different team. You explained the possible next steps well for Gafford, Beverly and Joe. Except, they may include Joe in a block trade.

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Can Joe play in the summer league this year(assuming that will be played)?

Gafford is going to be on somebody’s roster, and Bobby is probably going to get a raise one way or another.

Beverly may get a change of scenery. If he gets released rather than traded, he might be better off waiting around a bit for the right opening with a serious contender.


Sure seems like BP’s “uncertain” future is looking decent. He is making a major contribution on a team with a good chance to win the NBA title and the home fans are chanting his name.

What a difference a few weeks and a better matchup make.

Same maybe true for Patrick Beverley. He is now starting since Kawhi Leonard is out and making the most out of it,

Beverley is going to be getting a check for a while. His ability to play defense and get under good offensive players’ skin should keep him not only on a roster but also on playoff teams.

Bobby looks like he’s going to be an important part of somebody’s rotation for years to come.

Joe needs a really good summer and camp to try to work his way into a rotation.

Portis and Beverly have established themselves in the NBA. Will be on a roster earning big paydays.
Joe still trying to earn some stripes. Has a so so 1 year body of work so far on his resume. His type are dime a dozen in the league right now.

Philly article discussing Joe.

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