UNC website story on the soccer match

Only five UNC losses by more than one goal since 1985. This just in: Tar Heel women’s soccer is REALLY good. This is a helluva win for Colby Hale’s ladies. It’s up there with beating Clemson or Bama in football (UNC lost in the national championship game last year).

Hogs 2, Heels nil

And NCAA.com. Second-ranked Stanford also lost this weekend to Pepperdine, 1-0. Crazy weekend.

#1 goes down to defeat

Chelsea won, Hogs won yesterday, and then today. Great weekend.

My Gunners coughed up a two-goal lead at Watford and we wound up with a draw. (Yes I’m a member of Arsenal FC so I can say we). Luiz gives up another stupid penalty (bangs head on wall)

Well I’m a true blue member. Since 2001.

It could be worse. You could be a City fan. They got worked by Norwich. But that team is pretty good. They drew with Chelsea.

My Mom is from Norwich so a win from them and Hogs on same day, glorious weekend :grin:

UNC has only trailed by two or more goals 26 times in its history (965 games).