Well when UNC played us they was the 9th ranked team vs
an unranked. We got called for a bunch of ticky-tack fouls
and there was a huge difference in FTs shot, something like
8 for us and 27 for them, not sure thats the exact number.

WE all know the tourney really wanted a UNC VS MSU game.
Its best for TV and its a big matchup of #9 vs #4. They got it.

So against MSU, UNC didn’t get all the calls like they did against
us and they ended up getting dominated. Not trying to sell
MSU short, they played awesome defense, just saying if that
had been saturday and that was the hawgs, that great defense
would have been called for lots of fouls.

Funny how different the outcome can be when there is a crew
that calls the game even handed.

Well, I’ll disagree with the “even-handed.” I saw UNC guys get knocked to the ground, into a ref and him and the ref did a dance to keep from falling, foul on the UNC Guy. Even Bill Walton stopped his Portland story and said How is that a foul on him (UNC player). The FT’s May have been closer than ours, but UNC got screwed on a lot of calls.

Wow! Historic low in fg% by UNC
It was a perfect defensive plan by Izzo

UNC missed a ton of layups. Late in the game they were 50% on layups, barely 50% on FTAs, and 1 of 18 from the arc. It wasn’t all defense.

Comments: I know this isn’t true regardless it appears UNC has their own officials, that travels with them…