UNC third baseman out

Mac Horvath is not in the lineup and does not appear to be in the stadium today. He is the Tar Heels’ two-hole hitter and has the third-most home runs on the team.

His backup will probably go 3/4 with 4 RBI

I know, I’m cynical


He had an emergency appendectomy. And the replacement was 0-3 with a sac bunt.

If you need emergency surgery, Chapel Hill is a good place to get it. The UNC medical school is right there on campus and is excellent.

BTW, UNC’s total enrollment is about the same as Arkansas’, but it’s a different deal. Since their med school is on campus, it counts in the school enrollment; same is true for Misery in the SEC. They have 19,000 undergrads and 11,000 grad and professional students. We have 22,000 undergrads and about 7000 others, including the Fayetteville law school.

Tried sneaking into the Dean Dome during my residency interview in CH. Alas it was locked.

Did you get in the program? Great school. My buddy Brad Daugherty just loves to brag on NC. Rightfully so.

It is and has an incredible residency program…. But I actually ranked it dead last on my list. I didn’t fit. Felt more comfortable in Charleston SC and was blessed to match here. Haven’t left in 13 years


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