UNC’s Caleb Love in transfer portal

we’ve already made contact,he would be a great addition

A bit shorter, but he can replace Ricky Council and shoot better.

He has the handles but why would he leave UNC.
He can shoot the ball and rebound. He may be looking for a different type of a coach.

Good questions. And why us?

Anyway a great addition!

said he was from St Louis…maybe closer to home and family so they could attend more games?

Love’s three point shooting percentage this year was only 29%, which was a big disappointment after shooting 36% the year before. He is athletic enough to be the kind of versatile defender Muss likes, and got over a steal a game this year. He turns the ball over too much but he is a pretty good passer. and a good rebounder for a guy his size.

He needs a change of scenery, and the Hogs would be a good place for him to re-establish himself as a draftable player in a one year stint.

Maybe i watched a different player than you all. I don’t wish anything bad for the kid, but i hope we let this one pass. He took way too many shots good & bad.

He is an ultra talented kid who did not play his best this year probably feeling a need to try to do a little bit more this year so they might could win the national championship. We all saw what kind of player he is in that national championship game he is an absolutely dynamic talent who if you can get him to just be natural and let the game come to him is a game changer type player. I would not be one bit surprised to see us get him

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I talk to a UNC fan and alum almost every day at the gym and he often talked this year about how disruptive Love was this year. He flat out did not want him on the team. Mentioned it almost every time we talked hoops.

Love had a bad situation going on in his life this year. His girlfriend was cheating on him with the other guard RJ Davis and it all came to a head at the first of the season.

He needs a change of scenery asap!

Personally I love his game and I think Muss and his staff would turn him into a great player. Rumors have it that he’s headed to Mizzou. He will thrive in that offense if its true.


Did not know that. I remember there was this criticism in the media of Love hogging the ball and keeping it away from RJ.

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Yeah I was thinking he was in the middle of the team turmoil. Probably better to get away from that. Presumably the girlfriend is no longer part of the picture for him.

He has been awfully inconsistent from game to game, even before the mess with the GF. But he’s very talented. Hope we don’t have to face him at Misery even if we don’t get him.

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That’s what I was thinking Swine. Him at Mizzou and carving us up. Hopefully he goes to the west coast if Muss doesn’t get him. Not sure if Muss is even looking his way.

youdaman said above that UA has been in contact, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot; we do a lot of smokescreening. The key seems to be whether it’s Muss or a staff member who reaches out.

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Yeah that’ll put you in a bad head place all season. No wonder he wants to get out of there


Yeah this is just information gathering from what I understand… They reached out to around 50, some more than others I’m sure.

I put on another post the ones the staff had been in most contact with according to an insider from another board that has very good sources.

Yeah his final three supposedly our Arkansas Missouri and Memphis with Bama trying to sneak in.

He already has a final 3? He just got into the portal.

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Like nobody ever tampers with kids before they get into the portal… Or the kid himself reaches out to assess the market “if I decide to transfer”