UNC right fit for Thurman

Chapel Hill is a very nice town. Smaller and more college focused than Fayetteville. If there’s not enough to do, Durham is 10 miles away (270,000 population) and Raleigh is 25 miles (460,000).

That is a great school with a huge out of state fee that I am sure is waived for athletes. The demand is really high to get in and they, of course, give preference to in state kids over out of staters.

State law in NC says something like 80% of spots in each UNC class are reserved for in state kids. So the competition for the remaining 20% is rather intense (and with a population of 10 million plus, there are plenty going for the 80% in-state spots too). Enrollment is 19,000 undergrad, 10,000 graduate and professional (their med school is on campus; I send several of my patients to UNC-CH each week for uninsured specialist care).

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