UNC point guard Joel Berry breaks bone in his hand

Out about 4 weeks according to UNC officials. That would take him right up to PK80, where we might get them in the second game.

Could be a nice break for Arkansas. I’m sure UNC will rebound and have a great resume by the time March rolls around. He was hobbled in the NCAA Tournament matchup last year.

It won’t prevent him from completing any classroom work they have tudors take their test!
Maybe by then the FBI can clean out the Nike schools.

Berry is a gamer, whatever timetable they gave for him, I’m sure he’ll be back a little sooner. He suppose to miss the NCAA tournament game we had against them, and was suppose to be hurt then and he absolutely brought it.

It turns out Berry broke his hand punching a door because he was mad about losing a video game.

Did the exact same
Have the awkward knuckle to prove it
But it wasn’t over a video game, rather a 6 OT loss in Knoxville

Typically this fracture, if it’s like it sounds, doesn’t involve a knuckle. The so-called boxer’s fracture is a break of the fifth metacarpal, the bone on the edge of the hand under the pinky finger. The fact that the original UNC release said a bone in his hand leads me to think boxer’s fracture.
My brother put a hole in our living room wall in 1978 after a bad foul call on Sidney Moncrief in the NCAAT win over UCLA. That 70s-style wood paneling wasn’t as tough as his fifth metatarsal.