UNC player admits that ref helped UNC beat Hogs

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I knew that at the time (I was watching in the airport as my son and I flew to Las Vegas). Glad to see it confirmed. Those refs might as well have been wearing Rams Club shirts.


Glad to know it, but it really p*sses me off.

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You know, it’s odd. I’m neither upset nor gratified. You would think that this would get SOMEONE’S attention somewhere in the NCAA or the UNC program. But, it will probably just dissipate into the ether like a fart.

I definitely feel like I should be angrier about this, but, sadly, I’ve grown so apathetic about sports in the past few years because of all the changes in the attitudes of the players, coaches, and the fans.

I really liked our 2017 team. I’m sorry for those kids.

Yup. But if we make the Sweet 16 then, and perhaps beyond, then Mike is probably still here, we don’t have Muss and the whole arc of Razorback hoops changes. Maybe for the better, maybe not.


There are three things in the Anderson era coukd have altered history, if the three had gone the other way.

UNC-Arkansas game
Monk business decision
Forgery scandal

The ref, Monk and Dustin Thomas helped us out. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

I would add Reggie Perry being blatantly bought out from under us.


Yes. Forgot about that.

There’s four instances that were uncalled for. Not blaming MA stiil too many
in that small length of time.

Jeremy or PJ I know Howland was the coach during the Perry buyout. My question is who is the guy who helped move that deal along. He works as a studio big shot during basketball season. Was it Seth Greenburg or am i mistaken? I’m not sure.

Seth Greenberg. Perry was part of the USA team that was playing overseas and Seth was there to cover them. And the story goes that he convinced Perry that he do better than playing for Arkansas…

To all the sports media in Arkansas, who have preached for years that Ref’s don’t help certain teams win, what do you say now? Ruskin? Zak? Helo? Anybody???

I think Khalil Garland could be added to that list.

If he’d been able to play and lived up to his reputation, Anderson might have had greater success.


I believe Seth was on the Adidas payroll at the time.



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Don’t know where the refs were from, but the tournament games were not played in North Carolina as usual, they were played in South Carolina, in Greenville. I went to the preceding games where we beat Seton Hall and UNC beat someone or other. South Carolina, playing a virtual home game, beat Duke. The games were originally scheduled for either Greensboro or Charlotte in North Carolina but got moved. I would say why, but it involved the actions of the North Carolina legislature, and you’re not supposed to talk politics on this board.

Had to drive home to Chapel Hill before the UNC-Arkansas game. Shame, because at one time I had seen every UNC-Arkansas game played, even the one in Alaska. I did see the game on TV. All of it. And we did get a raw deal from the refs. Not because they were biased IMHO. Because they were incompetent.

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I think it was more than incompetence. That game was stolen from us.As was Reggie Perry. Garland was just tragic and oh how I wish Thomas had stayed in Colorado.

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How is Thomas’ rap career going?:grin:
I sure do agree about Garland.
Still makes me sick, because he could really play.

LOL! I’m not too plugged in to that world, but I’m guessing not that well!

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Since we are on the subject, do you remember Darius Hall? He could really play, but the people around him gave him such awful advice…
Told him he should be the star.

From here (where he played well) to a terrible DePaul team, to UCA, and eventually into the ether.

Just sad.

I remember asking Scotty about this, because he was still on staff, and all he could do was shake his head.