UNC game thread

In Veterans Memorial Coliseum today. Older venue but has a neat, intimate feel.

Winner gets the Michigan State-UConn winner Sunday at 7:30. Loser will play at 2 or 2:30.

Pepper your Angus gentleman…these ref’s are going in dry if the game is close.

Both teams looked absolutely gassed early.

And on another note, my man CJ Jones defense is horrible, he’s looked lost out there these past couple of games. We need him to get things together.

Well…at least they are calling the fouls evenly…


Shaping up as a bad day for the Hogs.

Anything on Macon’s injury? Hoping CMA held him out for a precaution . This game means nothing compared to conference play.

Say what you want about Bill Walton at least he calls it like it is when Carolina can just get away with shuffling their feet etc all day. and they definitely had an advantage on the game times with our quick turnaround. But hey they are one of the phil knight protected fake classes big money air Jordan Crown Jewels. Good test for us. Now we know. It may have taken an ugly stretch on national tv before cj jones finally broke out of his game time shooting slump. And it is still early in season. OU win was big. Gafford got POSTERIZED, Daryl got hurt. We need to lick our wounds and work harder for defending the Bud all year. Then we will have our shot at other big tournament time opportunities for sure. I think we will come back hungry.

Agree, well said. This loss will help provide some fuel to the fire they have had since last season ended.

We were lucky to have bill Walton talking about Oregon this Oregon that the sound of the swoosh Grateful Dead parking lots and parades instead of just bloviating about Luke Maye killing us even more than he did. Like most commentators would have done

Our front court better step up. That may be the best result from this game was Gafford getting on a Sportscenter posterization. We will be ready Sunday. Would be nice to have cook running too.

The only way we ever beat the Tar Heels is to have refs that are willing to blow whistles both ways! The free throw difference is the only thing I need to look at. It sure didn’t help that Macon was ice cold and then got hurt. When it got close we have turnover out of Thomas and Beard on back to back possessions that all but ended the threat.
There’s not a zebra in the country that will call a Hog vs Tar Heels games without bias!
Until there’s an accountability factor in to thier performance on how they call games it will continue.
When Bill Walton jumps on a soap box and mention the Tar Heels getting by with traveling and then making a basket it has to be bad. He hates our back woods teams. That’s his opinion he has talked about for over 30 years.

The zebras do have accountability. That’s the problem. To the Phil Knight air Jordan royalty. We have to take it from them. Trey and Dan need to use their big bodies to block some fools hard in the paint. Barford and Thomas need to start getting their monies worth on wiser fouls if they are going to get called for them might as well really run somebody over like they mean it. We can’t come out soft like we are going to shoot a bunch of three pointers and win. we are going to have to win it ugly with defense and those fast break buckets.

Told ya…