I figure we lost series to Florida, Ole Miss, and Georgia.
Head to head competition can’t be minimized.
We dug our own grave with sloppy defensive errors.

Let’s hope we fare better in the SEC tournament.
We better.

All three on the road and all three did not have to play each other. Yes, we should have won the games and I wish we would have won at least one more against one of the three, but that being said, the SEC will recognize Arkansas as co-champion of the West with Ole Miss and that all three–Arkansas, Ole Miss and Georgia–had 18-12 conference records in an unbalanced schedule.

Based on head to head competition, then Miss St should be the SEC champion. They swept us & Fla. They also won the series against OM. They didn’t play UGA.

Moo U had a bad start! It took them whipping ours to get their season turned around.

Oh I know how MSU’s season developed. My point is simply that head to head competition can indeed be discounted. That’s especially true in a sport like baseball where there are a lot more games & there are so many variables from game to game.