What are the chances of that happening seriously. That has been our biggest struggle getting people in from third base with less than two outs. Well I would trade the national seed for the division championship anyway


Given a choice between top-8 seed and West champ, can’t have both, I take top 8 every day and twice on Sunday. The goal is to get to Omaha, and win it, and a top-8 means you never have to leave Baum until you get on the plane for Nebraska.

Always take the top 8 seed.

We are still a top 8 seed right?

I would think so. Most “experts” seemed to think all we needed was one win in Georgia.

I would be stunned if we aren’t. Top 5 RPI, top 5 SOS.

sorry guys I worded that backwards( what I get for multitasking lol)obviously want the NS more than the Division.

The confusion is you wrote, “I would trade the national seed for the division championship anyway.”

yes LOL I was on the phone and trying to type never a good thing for me.I still think we are a NS because tournament play doesn’t count I don’t think.

I had to read it twice, but I could tell it was a mis-type—especially reading the entire post. We all want the top 8 seed.

One thing to remember: no one has done well on the road this year. Hoover is a road game for everyone. Some will have more fans than others, but everyone will be sleeping in a hotel & half the time, you’ll get the last at bat.

yeah if we show up in Hoover ready to play we can.but I think DVH just wants to leave there with no more injuries,not real sure how fired up we will be…time will tell

I can’t see any downside to the Hogs winning this thing. We need a SEC championship!

I agree. It’s just frustrating. If we are a national seed and co division champ I don’t think we should complain. It had been a great, tough season.

What bugs me about the Georgia series is seeing Scroggins give up the homer and then today Lee left in the game to give up yet another homer! Mind blowing. And then Campbell comes in and all zeroes. Just like Loeske yesterday.
I’ll always take a NS over a west tilted or SEC championship.

What’s wrong with all of them?

Nothing, but 2 of them are no longer possible. The national seed is more important if the goal is to get to the CWS, although it’s hard to imagine an SEC champion not getting a national seed. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a division champion not getting one, although that’s a bit more probable.

You may be right technically, but don’t speak too soon. Alabama has closed within 7-6 in the bottom of the sixth. An Alabama win gives the Hogs an ouright title.

Great team but still only the fourth best in the SEC.

That simply isn’t true. You might think they’re the 4th best. You might thing they’re the 10th best, but almost no national expert agrees with you. We are tied for 2nd. That’s what the record shows. Unless you figure the two teams tied with us are better, well, I guess that’s your business, too. But Ole Miss didn’t play Florida. We played all 3 of the other teams tied or ahead of us on the road.

4th best in the SEC. Gimme a break.