Unbelievable keeping CCM is still being discussed

I thought everybody would get it after being down at halftime 35-7 to Western Kentucky. But I guess not, still see folks talking about letting him stay, just letting Chavis go and a few assistants ------ and saying yet again this is just because Arkansas is lacking in talent, apparently now at all positions. Ah, so Arkansas is supposed to get blown out to Western Kentucky? Did their recruiting classes rank ahead of Arkansas the past 4 years? I missed that.

Really simple ------------------- 20 years prior to Morris, Arkansas non-conference record versus non-power 5 teams, 61-3

Morris in two years is going to lose 4 times, what previously took 20 years, he made history and did in 2 years.

Enough said.


his overall record is 18-39 in 4+ seasons(us and SMU)he’s not getting the job done.find someone who can bring us back to respectability please…he’s in over his head

As I said in another thread, if he still has a job Monday it means we can’t afford to fire him.

He’s out tonight or tomorrow - PC definitely tomorrow just don’t know if they are going to announce it tonight or wait until tomorrow at the PC.

Jackson please please please be right

Oh he’s going to be right. But there will still be tons of questions that will be hard to answer.

Fire them all and sort it out later.

By his own standards he would agree he should be fired

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General, I’d rather us address and answer those questions than try to defend keeping this coaching staff.

He said it himself enough talent that 4-8 or worse is completely …

So general hog, do you believe we need to keep Coach Morris?

Is there anything at all that could happen under the Morris leadership that would convince you a change needs to be made?

Or are you just saying we must endure this for a few more years and give him several more chances before we make a change ?

If losing 4 times to the likes of the WKUs and SJSUs and NTSUs and CSUs – something that had happened 3 times in the 20 years prior to Morris getting here does not convince you this is not working – what would?

And to be clear these losses to these non-conference non-power 5 teams were not close-last-minute-field-goal types of losses, two were absolute blowouts in Razorback Stadium.

Since Morris has never beaten a power 5 team as a head coach, when do we set that as a standard for him at Arkansas? I suppose not in his first two seasons, but next year? When? What is your standard for an HC there?

Even the General would admit Chad needs to pack his bags.

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And don’t cry too hard for Coach Morris – for getting blown out by WKU and NTSU on our home field and never winning an SEC game – and never beating a Power 5 team at Arkansas – we are going to pay him $10 million dollars in appreciation for that just so he does not coach another game here.

Me personally, I think attrition is needed. Maybe not Morris, but it doesn’t matter because he will be fired after today.

I’ve said constantly, that this is bigger than Morris, but the fact is he’s the head of the snake and he’ll get cut off first.

I’m just saying, it’s painfully obvious how much better our true freshmen and redshirt freshmen are than our upperclassmen. It’s really not even close.

That being said, we shouldn’t lose to this team. We shouldn’t lose to SJS. CCM has fielded some pretty pathetic teams. I really don’t think we have the ability to hire anyone who is able to turn this thing around. You CANNOT go get someone like Norvell. This would have to be guaranteed winner. That doesn’t happen if you fire this guy after 1.8 seasons and facing 2 - count them, 2 - buyouts.

Here’s the question. Who really wants to come to Arkansas right now? Whoever it is, has to understand Arkansas and have some Arkansas pride to turn this thing around. How old is Houston Nutt? Does he have any coaching left in him?

Nutt is 62. No I don’t want him back. Too many people still hate him from 12 years ago. We need to unite the fan base. Nutt can’t do that.

Who can?

A name Jackson mentioned two years ago, I never thought about, PJ Fleck: $2.5 million buyout, and making $1.5 million at Minnesota this year. If Matt is right about the $3.5-$4 million a year, you gotta call him.

Good question. I’m hearing that Jackson’s hero in Memphis is out of the picture, and I’m not sure he could unite the fan base either. The finances are going to be a major consideration. Even if we could attract a KYSO coach, I’m not sure we could afford him unless Jerruh or Tyson or somebody writes a really big check.

They just bumped Fleck to $4,6 million a year, by the way.

Just got an extension from Minnesota.