Morris is NOT the man. We are a joke

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Hard to disagree, this is a joke

Please don’t any of you forget that Julie Peoples “ran point” and hired this guy, who is obviously in way over his head. The last time I felt like we had a chance to win every game was when Bobby was here. We don’t need a choirboy head coach. His offense is so vanilla, it makes Reverend Nutt look like a guru. Left lane, hammer down…what a joke.

Again, I think it’s still way too early to make that call.

Morris took over the worst Arkansas dumpster fire probably in our history.

We’ve seen glimpses of what his offense can look like and his recruiting is pretty good. He seems to motivate and invoke change in players better than the last 2 coaches we had.

I’m willing to give him time and a chance to build his team the way it needs to be built.

Whether he gets fired 15 minutes from now, after the season, or after next season I’m confident in saying tonight’s debacle is a death blow to his efforts to rebuild this program. He lost the fanbase tonight and can’t say I blame people - this SJSU team is awful and will finish in the bottom half of their league.

He lost all credibility in most fan’s eyes and it is now obvious this is another 3-9 team that’s likely to go 0-8 in the league.

Hate it to - I think he’s a good person.

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3 wins :rofl::rofl: I don’t see that at all

I really would like to see you as our ad. I really would. You state the obvious with no obvious solution. I wonder if you’d be the ad that hates your hires but keeps them or fires them all the time. I don’t think you’d be the ad that would fix our program. But I’d be interested in giving you a shot.

Wow … Just wow. Glimpses of what his offense can look like? Motivate players? I guess that might be refering to the idiodic video of him “dancing” in the Dub Club. This guy is way over his head. Make him a recruiting coordinator … but he is not a SEC head coach.

I know it’s hard not to question the coach. We have enough talent on this team to handily win this game. We were just outplayed by SJS…it happens however, it happening way to much to us. So who’s to blame to me it’s on the coaches and the team. Need to regroup.

Not a regular poster here, but I did grow up a Hog fan. There’s no excuse for what I witnessed tonight. Completely outclassed and outplayed. Really disappointed in the coaching staff and frankly, the players. They whipped your proud SEC butts. CCM is on notice.

Fire Chad Morris now before it is too late
Fire Chavis too
Good players from Arkansas go to another college
Arkansas is the biggest joke ever

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Nick Starkel is a joke bench him

This team needs to forfeit the season

I’m not so sure. Most fans are being realistic about how awful this game was by everybody on that field last night, but I’ve seen surprisingly most fans being supportive of coach after the game on social media. You’ll always have those fans who want him fired, but they’ve been the minority surprisingly.

I don’t know what social media you are reading, but I have seen nothing but negative. Even the national media is over this guy.

Twitter and Facebook have way more supportive. I can’t remember which media outlet said it had an article about “Should Morris be fired?” and the vast majority of comment said no.

You mean the twitter post by Darren Rovell that makes us look like baffoons for paying 1.5 million to lose to SJSU? Ok.

Keep making excuses for this guy. He’s done.

What excuse have I made?

I simply told what is true about social media I’ve seen and my personal opinion on how I feel about his job status. You posted one guy and that proves your point?

Look. The argument about this guy needs to stop. Opinions aside, the reality is that he isn’t the answer. The what ifs have been answered about CCM. Hunter need to find a new coach, pay what it takes, and negotiate a buyout for Chad.

Opinions aside, yet you post an opinion. I get why everyone’s upset, I’m infuriated by last night myself. But we cannot anticipate a man’s career over a short length of time. There is no excuse for last night and I’m not trying to give one, but we have to remain realistic about where this team is and how it was when he got here and that takes time. And no, the what ifs haven’t been answered or else we wouldn’t be having this discussion.